Brice Minaud

Materials for some courses I have taught are available below.

Techniques in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis, MPRI, 2019-2020

I am currently teaching the first half of the course Techniques in Cryptography and Cryptanalysis, a level 2 module in the MPRI Master program. Slides will be uploaded as the course progresses.

Part IIntroductionSlides
Part IIZero-knowledge proofs and SNARKsSlides
Part IIIPost-quantum crypto and latticesSlides
ExtraPrimer on finite fields
Initiation à la Cryptologie, ENS/MPRI, 2018-2019

I am also teaching the tutorials for the course Initiation to Cryptology at ENS. Last year's exercises are available below (in French). Most of the material should be credited to its successive curators: Damien Vergnaud, Alain Passelègue, and Balthazar Bauer. Thanks to Jérémy Jean and contributors on for some nice pictures.

TD 1Un peu de cryptanalyseExercicesCorrection
TD 2Logarithme discretExercicesCorrection
TD 3SignaturesExercices
TD 4Zero-knowledgeExercicesCorrection
TD 5Cryptanalyse symétriqueExercicesCorrection
TD 6Partage de secretExercicesCorrection
TD 7CouplagesExercicesCorrection
TD 8Blockchain IExercicesCorrection
TD 9Blockchain IIExercicesCorrection
TD 10Calcul multipartiteExercicesCorrection
Past Courses and Tutorials

Below are exercises for some old courses I have taught (in French).

TD de Logique en L3, 2011

TD 0Introduction sur les formulesExercicesCorrection
TD 1Théorie des ensemblesExercicesCorrection
TD 2Nombres entiers, calcul propositionnelExercicesCorrection
TD 3Calcul propositionnel, sémantiqueExercicesCorrection
TD 4RévisionsExercicesCorrection
TD 5Méthode des coupuresExercicesCorrection
TD 6Calcul des prédicatsExercicesCorrection
TD 7RévisionsExercicesCorrection
TD 8Unification et résolutionExercicesCorrection
TD 9Fonctions primitives récursivesExercicesCorrection
TD 9bisFonctions primitives récursives 2ExercicesCorrection
Devoir sur table 3SujetCorrection
TD d'Algèbre et Analyse en L1, 2008

TD 1Ensembles et applicationsExercicesCorrection
TD 2Nombres complexesExercicesCorrection
TD 3PolynômesExercicesCorrection
Contrôle 1SujetCorrection
TD 4SystèmesExercicesCorrection
TD 5MatricesExercicesCorrection
Contrôle 2SujetCorrection
TD 6Espaces vectorielsExercicesCorrection 1
TD 7Suites réellesExercicesCorrection
TD 8Limites et continuitéExercicesCorrection
TD 9DérivationExercicesCorrection
Contrôle 3SujetCorrection
TD 10Développements limitésExercices