Brice Minaud

This page is for non-serious matters.


Conferences are a great way to travel, especially Asiacrypt. Here are some photos.

Some Attempts at Graphic Design

EMSEC logo. I was tasked with designing the logo of the EMSEC team at IRISA, taking input from all team members.

BRUTUS logo. I co-designed a logo proposal for the ANR BRUTUS research project with Pierre Karpman. I think in the end they just kept the lower part.

PhD defense posters. There is a strong tradition at IRISA that PhD defenses should be advertised using silly posters. I have had the honor of creating the posters for two of my fellow IRISA alumni.

For the first one, it may help to know that a free-start collision (collision libre) is called a colibri (hummingbird) in French. And that SHA sounds like chat (cat).

Beer-Recovery Attack

As part of the CAESAR authenticated encryption competition, the designers of the PRIMATEs cipher suite organized the Drunken Monkey Competition. My short note about cube attacks on APE won first prize: a case of Westvleteren XII trappist beer—sometimes considered the best beer in the world. Thanks!


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