Vector Commitments

from Theory to Practice

Some topics

My crypto interests lie mostly in the area of Zero-Knowledge, Secure Computation and Privacy:

Zero-Knowledge SNARKs

Help the honest Prover to 'convince' the others that the results of some computations are correct without revealing more than that. Enable to generate succinct proofs, easy to verify for any delegated task.

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Vector Commitments

Allow the clients to outsource the storage of a database to untrusted servers while keeping the ability to query the database and to update it. Find the good trade-offs between storage, communication and computation.

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Multiparty Computation

Enable parties to collaborate to compute a function of their inputs without revealing anything else about their private information. Find efficient MPC protocols to protect everybody in the appropriate way.

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Slides from workshops and conferences

presented at

presented at Financial Crypto and RWC

presented at the Aarhus Crypto Summer Day 2019

presented at PKC 2020

presented at Séminaire du DI ENS 2018

presented at the Antique seminar DI ENS

PhD Defense

“ Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.” Wernher von Braun