Notes de Cours :
0. Introduction à l'incomplétude : (Incompletude.pdf); (versione italiana: Incompletezza.pdf)
1. De Goedel à Kruskal-Friedman: (incomple08chap3.pdf);
2. Normalization en Théorie des Types: (incomple08chap4.pdf).
3. Bibliographie: (biblio-incompletude.pdf)

Quelques articles :
1. Reflections on Incompleteness... (reflect-incompl.pdf
2. (With F. Bailly) Phenomenology of Incompleteness....    (incomplet-Bo.pdf)
3. (With F. Bailly) Randomness and Determination in the interplay between the Continuum and the Discrete. (DiscrContRand.pdf
4. (with A. Viarouge) Mathematical intuition and the cognitive roots of mathematical concepts.  (TopoiIntuitCogni.pdf)
5. From Exact Sciences to Life Phenomena...  (longoConf-english.pdf
6. Critique of Computational Reason in the Natural Sciences.   (CritiqRaisonInfo-engl.pdf)
7. (With T. Paul) The Mathematics of Computing between Logic and Physics.  (gius-thierCompWorld.pdf)
8. (with C. Palamidessi, T. Paul) Randomness: four questions and some challenges.   (answersRandom.pdf)
9. (With P.E. Tendero) The differential method and the causal incompleteness of Programming Theory in Molecular Biology.   (DNA-incompl.pdf
10. (With F. Bailly) Extended Critical Situations. (extend-criticJBS.html or ask the second author) 
11. (With F. Bailly) Biological Organization and Anti-Entropy. (anti-entropy.pdf)
(Avec F. Bailly) Mathématiques et sciences de la nature. La singularité physique du vivant.   Hermann, Paris, 2006.   (avant-propoIndex.pdf)
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