Picture courtesy of Oded Regev
Lattice Crypto Day (LCD),
Saturday May 29th, 2010 at ENS, Paris, France

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For a long time, lattice-based cryptosystems have been seen only as an alternative for current public-key cryptosystems based on factoring and discrete logs in the event that one day large quantum computers become a reality. However, this view has changed dramatically in recent years due to several significant results. As the recent construction of a fully-homomorphic scheme by Gentry has shown, lattice-based cryptography not only provides an alternative for current public-key cryptosystems, but it also allows us to build primitives which we did not know how to build based on existing techniques.

Despite the recent advances in the area of lattice-based cryptography and the large interest that it has created in the cryptography community, these results have only been covered by existing workshops and conferences in a very scattered way. Hence, the main goal of this workshop is to fill this gap and provide a forum in which researchers can get together to learn and discuss about recent advances in lattice-based cryptography. Bibliographies on lattice-based cryptography can be found here and there. A book surveying the applications of lattices to computer science (including cryptology) recently appeared (Springer, Series: Information Security and Cryptography, 2009).

The workshop will take place right after the PKC 2010 conference (May 26-28, also at ENS) and just before the Eurocrypt 2010 conference (May 30-June 3, 2010, Nice, also in France).


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The exact location is Amphi Evariste Galois in the NIR building: on this map, it is in the PB level of "Bibliotheque" in the Rataud wing. The program is:

Note: the last day of PKC 2010 (Friday May 28) will feature two lattice crypto talks
  • "Duality in Lattice Based Cryptography" by Daniele Micciancio at 9:00 (invited talk),
  • "Lattice Mixing and Vanishing Trapdoors : A Framework for Fully Secure Short Signatures and more" by Xavier Boyen, at approximately 16:50 (final talk of last session).

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