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Welcome to Tie CHENG's home page! I am the CEO of MatrixLead.

Previously, I was a research engineer in Abstract interpretation and semantics group of computer science department at École Normale Supérieure. My supervisor was Xavier Rival; the research was funded by INRIA. On September 23rd 2015, I defended my PhD which was pursued in the same group, and obtained the PhD degree from École Polytechnique.

My professional experience allowed me to see how information technologies are applied in the industry. I am interested in how to generalize, formalize and improve them by theoretical computer science. My research interests are thus spreadsheets, abstract interpretation, static analysis, program verification, formal methods and functional programming. My PhD thesis was on static analysis of spreadsheet applications; I was the principal developer of AiXL, a Spreadsheet Application Verifier.

I obtained one Master's degree of Research in Computer Science from École Polytechnique, and another Master's degree of Science and Executive Engineering in Management of Information Systems from École des Mines de Paris.


  • Static Analysis of Spreadsheet Applications, PhD thesis, 2015, Tie Cheng

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  • Excel Functional Programming - Explore Another Dimension of Spreadsheet Programming, Tie Cheng
    [abstract | pdf]

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Email: tie.cheng [at]
Address: Computer Science Department, École Normale Supérieure, 45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris, France