MemCAD ERC Project

Xavier Rival


The MemCAD project aims at designing a framework for the static analysis of programs manipulating complex memory states. A very wide range of data structures are encountered in real programs, such as arrays, linked structures, strings... While static analysis techniques have been developped to deal with each of those issues, no framework allows to deal with all of them in a single analysis tool. The purpose of the MemCAD project is to propose ways to combine analysis techniques adapted to simpler data structures so as to infer precise invariants about programs manipulating complex data structures, composed of intricate combinations of basic ones.

MemCAD Analyzer

In the course of the MemCAD project, the MemCAD analyzer is being developped at INRIA, in the ANTIQUE (ANalyse staTIQUE) Project Team.

The current version of the MemCAD Analyzer is available in Opam. See here for the package description.


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