Lucid Synchrone

Lucid Synchrone


Lucid Synchrone is an experimental language for the implementation of reactive systems. It is based on the synchronous model of time as provided by Lustre combined with some features from ML languages. The main characteristics of the language are the following:

Version 3.0 beta is now available (April 2006). It is a major change (and a complete rewriting). The main novelties of the language are the following:


The manual (including a tutorial introduction) is available in several formats: HTML (Read online or Download), PostScript or PDF. You can also access the bibliography, which contains all the articles related to the language.

If you’re interested in certification, you can look at a work on expressing Lucid Synchrone in Coq. This work was based on the version 1.01 of the compiler.

The byte-code version should work on all architectures provided you have installed Objective Caml. The source distribution should be available soon (after license consideration have been solved). Ask us for other formats.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.