Marc Pouzet

Professor at École normale supérieure in the Computer Science department (DIENS). Director of CS studies.
Junior member at Institut Universitaire de France (Sept. 2007 – Sept. 2012). Leader of the project-team PARKAS from INRIA Paris.

Address: Département d’informatique, École normale supérieure, 45 rue d’Ulm, 75 230 Paris cedex 05.
Office: S14, DI, Aile Rataud, passage saumon.
Phone: (+33) (0) 1 44 32 21 66
Fax: (+33) (0) 1 44 32 20 75
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My research is about the design, semantics and implementation of languages that ensure strong safety properties to model, simulate and implement critical control software (e.g., fly-by-wire, engine and braking systems in planes). I have particular interest for synchronous languages, their extensions and embedding into general-purpose functional languages. With Paul Caspi and Grégoire Hamon, I developed the language Lucid Synchrone, an extension a la ML of Lustre. Several language features and compilation techniques have been integrated to the language Scade 6 developed by ANSYS. In collaboration with INRIA (Alchemy) and NXP, I worked on the N-synchronous model to program real-time video systems (e.g., TV boxes). Currently, my research is about the semantics and implementation of hybrid systems modelers (e.g., Simulink, Modelica), the design and implementation of Zelus, a synchronous language that mixes discrete and continuous time, Velus, a formally verified compiler for Lustre with Coq. Since 2019, I am involved in ProbZelus, a reactive probabilistic language built on top of Zelus. See publications and talks.

Keywords: Real-time Embedded Systems; Kahn Process Networks; Synchronous and Functional Programming; Type Systems, Semantics, Compilation

In Nov. 2016, I received the Inria – French Académie des sciences – Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award.

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