Probabilistic Algorithms for Renewable Integration in Smart grid

PARIS is an Associate Team between Inria (project-team Dyogene) and University of Florida.


The importance of statistical modeling and probabilistic control techniques in the power systems area is now evident to practitioners in both the U.S. and Europe. Increased introduction of renewable generation has brought unforeseen volatility to the grid that require new techniques in distributed and probabilistic control. This Associate Team brings together the complementary skills in optimization, Markov modeling, simulation, and stochastic networks with aim to help solving some pressing open problems in this area. This collaboration also opens many exciting new scientific questions in the broad area of stochastic modeling and control.

Principal investigator (Inria):

Ana Busic, Research Scientist at project-team Dyogene, Inria Paris

Principal investigator (University of Florida):

Sean Meyn, Professor and Robert C. Pittman Eminent Scholar Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida; Director of the Florida Institute for Sustainable Energy.


Inria, project-team Dyogene (Inria Paris)

University of Florida

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