Ana Bušić

''Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them.''
(Oscar Wilde)

Ana Bušić

Researcher at Inria (Unité de Recherche de Rocquencourt) and ENS (Département d'Informatique)

Research Group: DYOGENE

Contact Information

23, avenue d'Italie
CS 81321
75214 Paris Cedex 13

Phone: +33 (0)1 3963 5523

Research Interests

Modeling and analysis of stochastic systems
  • Markov chains:
    • Algorithms for large Markov chains (chains with a specific structure, closed form bounds, aggregation techniques, censored Markov chains).
    • Analysis of underspecified Markov chains (chains with unknown parameters, bounds for families of Markov chains).
    • Markov reward and Markov decision processes.

  • Simulation (perfect sampling).

  • Stochastic networks (stability, performance, control).

  • Performance evaluation of communication networks.

  • Smart-grid: integration of renewable energy and demand-response.

  • Probabilistic cellular automata.

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