Coherent Diffractive Imaging Using Randomly Coded Masks.

  • TITLE: Coherent Diffractive Imaging Using Randomly Coded Masks.

  • AUTHORS: Matthew H. Seaberg, Alexandre d'Aspremont, Joshua J. Turner

  • ABSTRACT: Coherent diffractive imaging (CDI) provides new opportunities for high resolution X-ray imaging with simultaneous amplitude and phase contrast. Extensions to CDI broaden the scope of the technique for use in a wide variety of experimental geometries and physical systems. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a new extension to CDI that encodes additional information through the use of a series of randomly coded masks. The information gained from the few additional diffraction measurements removes the need for typical object-domain constraints; the algorithm uses prior information about the masks instead. The experiment is performed using a laser diode at 532.2 nm, enabling rapid prototyping for future X-ray synchrotron and even free electron laser experiments. Diffraction patterns are collected with up to 15 different masks placed between a CCD detector and a single sample. Phase retrieval is performed using a convex relaxation routine known as “PhaseCut” followed by a variation on Fienup's input-output algorithm. The reconstruction quality is judged via calculation of phase retrieval transfer functions as well as by an object-space comparison between reconstructions and a lens-based image of the sample. The results of this analysis indicate that with enough masks (in this case 3 or 4) the diffraction phases converge reliably, implying stability and uniqueness of the retrieved solution.

  • STATUS: Preprint.

  • ArXiv PREPRINT: 1509.03229

  • PAPER: Coherent Diffractive Imaging Using Randomly Coded Masks in pdf