Camille Bourgaux


ORBITS (Optimal Repair-Based Inconsistency-Tolerant Semantics) is a tool for filtering answers that hold under a given inconsistency-tolerant semantics among AR, IAR and brave with standard repairs or Pareto- or completion-optimal repairs in the case where a priority relation between the conflicting facts is given. ORBITS implements a variety of algorithms and propositional encoding variants for each semantics and type of repairs. The description of the semantics, repair types, encoding variants and algorithms is given in a technical report available on arXiv. The source code is available on github. The data used in the experimental evaluation is available on zenodo.


CQAPri (Consistent Query Answering with Priorities) system and benchmark for inconsistency-tolerant query answering in DL-Lite are available here.


CorHist (Corrections from History, mainly developped by Thomas Pellissier Tanon) is an experimental tool that learns corrections for Wikidata contraints violations from Wikidata edit history. It is available on github. A dataset of corrections for Wikidata constraint violations extracted from the July 1st 2018 full Wikidata history dump is available on figshare.