Marc Lelarge

I am on leave from Inria since January 2017 and joined SAFRAN as a research scientist.
I am teaching a new course at ENS: Deep Learning Do-It-Yourself



Students and Postdocs

  • Léo Miolane: PhD
  • Arpan Mukhopadhyay: Postdoc with Nidhi Hegde
  • Virag Shah: Postdoc with Laurent Massoulié and Milan Vojnovic
  • Alexandre Hollocou: PhD co-supervised with Thomas Bonald
  • Lennart Gulikers: PhD co-supervised with Laurent Massoulié
  • Rémi Varloot: PhD co-supervised with Laurent Massoulié.

Recently graduated students


    2 rue Simone Iff
    CS 42112
    75589 Paris Cedex 12
    phone: +33.(0)

    The best way to reach me is via email:

Message for prospective students: like many others, I receive many inquiries every semester from prospective students. It is in general not possible for me to read through the CV and/or reply to such messages because of their sheer volume. If you send me such a message, please do not be offended if I do not reply.