Marc Lelarge

I am a researcher at INRIA, leading the DYOGENE project-team, which is part of the computer science department of ENS.



Students and Postdocs

Recently graduated students

  • Se-Young Yun: Postdoc
  • Mathieu Leconte: PhD co-supervised with Laurent Massoulié (2013) Load-balancing and resource-provisioning in large distributed systems.
  • Lucas Boczkowski, M2, spectral algorithms.
  • Emilie Coupechoux: PhD (2012), Analyse de grands graphes aléatoires.
  • Hang Zhou: M2 (2012) sublinear algorithms.
  • Justin Salez PhD (2011) Quelques conséquences de la convergence locale faible pour les graphes aléatoires.
  • Hamed Amini PhD (2011) Epidemics and percolation in random networks.
  • Stéphane Caron: M2 (2011) decision tree: Python library


    23, avenue d'Italie. CS 81321
    75214 Paris Cedex 13
    Fax: +33.(0)

    The best way to reach me is via email:

Message for prospective students: like many others, I receive many inquiries every semester from prospective students. It is in general not possible for me to read through the CV and/or reply to such messages because of their sheer volume. If you send me such a message, please do not be offended if I do not reply.