Thibault Suzanne

I am a PhD Candidate in the Antique team at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. I also spend time in the APR team of Sorbonne Université.

My advisor is Antoine Miné and my topic is abstract interpretation under relaxed memory models.

Scientific interests

My main research interest is the use of formal methods to ensure the security, safety and correctness of programs. I am particularly interested in static analysis by the means of abstract interpretation of programs to automatically and soundly ensure properties of programs such as the absence of some classes of errors.

I am also occasionnally interested in strong and expressive type systems and programming languages that use them, programming language implementation, and binary code analysis.



Here is some software I maintain or contributed to.


An experimental static analyser for concurrent programs within relaxed memory models.


A Hash Array Mapped Trie library I implemented for OCaml during my internship in the Gallium Inria team. I also wrote a blog entry about it.


A graph library for OCaml. I implemented the WeakTopological and ChaoticIteration modules for fixpoint computation using widening.


A LaTeX to HTML translator. During my internship in the Gallium team, I reworked the output module with ropes and authored the HTML5 generator.


I have been a teaching assistant in the following courses.

  • Modèles de Programmation et Interopérabilité entre les Langages, L3. Sorbonne Université.
  • Encadrement de projet STL (Sciences et Technologies du Logiciel), M1. Sorbonne Université.
  • Introduction à la Programmation, L1. Université Paris Diderot.
  • Langages et Automates, L2. Université Paris Diderot.
  • Éléments d'Algorithmique, L2. Université Paris Diderot.
  • Introduction à la Programmation, L1 CPEI. Université Paris Diderot.
  • Introduction à la Programmation, L1. Université Paris Diderot.


Feel free to send me an email to my personal address . I also currently use the address but it will become inactive at some point.

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