ECRYPT Network of Excellence (EU Framework VI)

Asymmetric Techniques Virtual Lab (AZTEC)

The Asymmetric Techniques Virtual Lab (AZTEC) is one of the five virtual labs of the European network of excellence in cryptology: ECRYPT, born on Feb. 1st, 2004 and supported by the European community. The lab focuses on all aspects of the development, analysis, and deployment of asymmetric cryptographic techniques. More particularly, AZTEC aims to co-ordinate and facilitate research in the following areas:

AZTEC is currently organized in three working groups (WG):

AZTEC organizes workshops and summer schools (see upcoming ECRYPT events and past events). AZTEC also contributes to ECRYPT public documents.

ECRYPT gathers 32 partners from all over Europe, both from academia and industry. 20 of those partners participate to AZTEC.

The coordinator of AZTEC is Phong Nguyen (representing the ENS). If you're from an ECRYPT partner and would like to join the AZTEC mailing-list to be informed of AZTEC internal events, please contact Antoon Bosselaers.