Michaël Thomazo

Contact: first.last@inria.fr, without accents

Inria Researcher - Valda Team

I am broadly interested in knowledge representation and its interactions with database theory and database systems, often seen through a logical and/or graph based formalism. I started in this field by getting a Ph.D from the University of Montpellier, supervised by J.-F. Baget and M.-L. Mugnier in the Inria team GraphIK. I then joined the group of Sebastian Rudolph at TU Dresden and partially funded through an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship. I then have been recruited in the Oak/Cedar team of Inria Saclay, before joining Valda in April 2018.


I am currently involved in the following project: I've previously worked in the Pagoda project, led by Meghyn Bienvenu.

Open access

I firmly believe that publicly funded published research should be freely accessible to the general public. Yes, the word stem "public" appears quite a lot in this sentence. It is a shame that this is not the case today. My baseline approach with respect to publications (that may be adapted to fit particular situations: co-author thinking otherwise, ...): An intersting read regarding this problem or other problems in academia is available on Antoine Amarilli's webpage: What's wrong with academia?

Reviewing Activity

I have been a PC member for the following conferences (and reviewer for numerous other conferences or journals):


My list of publications is available on DBLP. Some version of my publications from 2016 is (or will soon be) available on HAL.


I am currently involded in teaching for the following courses:


My Ph.D thesis has been co-awarded the 2014 AFIA prize and was a second prize for the 2014 Gilles Kahn Prize.