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Professor in Computer Science at Rennes 1 University and Institut Universitaire de France.


Pierre-Alain Fouque
Université Rennes 1
Campus de Beaulieu
263, avenue du Général Leclerc - Batiment 12
35042 Rennes Cedex
Tel: +33 2 99 84 75 58


PhD Students

Past Students:
  1. Sébastien Zimmer, PhD 2005-2008 with David Pointcheval.
    Subject: Authentication and Key Derivation, École polytechnique. Defense 22 september 2008, École normale supérieure.
    Actual Position: Defense Ministry.
  2. Gilles Macario-Rat. PhD 2007-2010 with Jacques Stern.
    Subject: Cryptanalysis of Multivariate Schemes and the IP Problem, Paris VII. Defense 28 June 2010. PhD done in the Orange Labs.
    Actual position: permanent researcher at Orange Labs.
  3. Gaëtan Leurent, PhD 2007-2010.
    Subject: Design and Analysis of hash functions, Paris VII. Defense 30 september 2010. Main advisor (90%), co-advisor David Pointcheval.
    Actual position: Junior Researcher at INRIA Paris.
  4. Charles Bouillaguet, PhD 2008-2011.
    Subject: Multivariate Cryptanalysis, Mode of operation for hash functions and AES cryptanalysis tool.
    Actual Position: Assistant Professor at Paris.
  5. Delphine Masgana Leresteux. PhD 2008-2012.
    Subject: Fault Attacks. Work done at DGA MI Labs at Rennes.
    Actual Position: Engineer at DGA.MI.
  6. Jérémy Jean, PhD 2010-2013.
    Subject: Cryptanalysis of Symmetric-Key Primitives Based on the AES.
    Actual Position: Researcher and Engineer at ANSSI.
  7. Patrick Derbez PhD 2010-2013.
    Subject: Etude de la sécurité des systemes de chiffrement.
    Actual Position: Assistant Professor at Université Rennes 1
  8. Jean-Christophe Zapalowicz PhD 2011-2014.
    Subject: Cryptanalysis of Pseudo-Random Generator and side-channel attack
    Actual Position: Thales.
  9. Sonia Belaid. PhD 2012-2015 with Michel Abdalla.
    Subject: Side-Channel: Attacks and Masking.
    Actual Position: Researcher at CryptoExperts. Prix de these Thales.
  10. Pierre Karpman. PhD 2013-2016 with Daniel Augot and Thomas Peyrin.
    Subject: Analyse de primitives symétriques.
    Assistant Professor at Grenoble Alpes University.
  11. Pierre Lestringant. PhD 2013-2016 with Amossys (Rennes) with Frédéric Guilhéry.
    Subject: Identification of cryptographic algorithms in security products.
  12. Benjamin Richard. PhD 2013-2017 with Orange Labs (Paris) with Gilles Macario-Rat and Cristina Onete.
    Subject: Security Proof in Authentication and Key Exchange.
  13. Pierre Belgarric PhD 2013--2015 with Gilles Macario-Rat.
    Subject: Side-Channel Attack on Android. Now Research Engineer at HP Labs Bristol.
  14. B. Minaud PhD 2014--2016.
    Subject: Cryptanalyse de primitives cryptographiques récentes. Now, Junior Researcher at Inria.
  15. R. Bost PhD 2014--2018 with David Pointcheval.
    Subject: Algorithmes de recherche sur bases de données chiffrées. GDR Security Prix de these
  16. Thomas Espitau PhD 2016--2020 with Antoine Joux.
    Subject: Lattice Reduction and Applications to Side-Channel Cryptanalysis. Postdoc at NTT (Japan)
  17. Alban Siffer. PhD 2016--2020 with Amossys (Rennes) with Alexandre Termier and Christine Largouet.
    Subject: Intrusion Detection and statistical Learning.
  18. Baptiste Lambin. PhD 2016--2019 with Patrick Derbez.
    Subject: Optimization of core components of block ciphers. PostDoc in Luxembourg.
  19. Chen Qian PhD 2016--2019 with Adeline Roux-Langlois and Benoit Libert.
    Subject: Lossy trapdoor primitives, zero-knowledge proofs and applications. Now PostDoc at NTNU (Norway)
  20. Pauline Bert. PhD 2016--2019 with Adeline Roux-Langlois.
    Subjeect: Signatures reposant sur les réseaux euclidiens : de la construction a l'implémentation. Now, Engineer at Wallix (Rennes).
  21. Claire Delaplace PhD 2015--2018 with Charles Bouillaguet.
    Subject: Algorithmes d'algebre linéaire pour la cryptographie. Assistant Professor at Picardie University.
  22. Angele Bossuat. PhD 2017--2020 with Cristina Onete.
    Subject: Provable Security of Real-World Protocols
  23. Katharina Boudgoust. PhD 2018--2021 with Adeline Roux-Langlois.
    Subject: Theoretical hardness of algebraically structured learning with errors
  24. Céline Duguey. PhD 2017--2021 with Julien Devigne.
    Subject: On the security of instante messaging : towards solutions for multi-device and group applications. Now Engineer at DGA-MI.
  25. Victor Mollimard. PhD 2018--2022 with Patrick Derbez.
    Subject: Algorithmes pour la cryptanalyse différentielle. Now PostDoc with Orr Dunkelman at Haifa University.
  26. Adina Nedelcu. PhD 2017--2022 with Ghada Arfaoui and Cristina Onete.
    Subject: A Cryptographic Approach to Preventing Unauthorized Access.
Current Students:
  1. Paul Kirchner. PhD 2018-2022. Funding DGA.MI
    Subject: Lattice Reduction and Cryptanalysis.
  2. Olivier Bernard. PhD 2019-2022 with Adeline Roux-Langlois. Funding Thales and Prometheus.
    Subject: Lattice-Based Cryptanalysis.
  3. Gwendal Patat. PhD 2020--2023 with Mohamed Sabt. Funding MESRI.
    Subject: Reverse-Engineering and DRM Systems.
  4. Daniel De Almeida Braga. PhD 2019--2022 with Mohamed Sabt. Funding DGA-MI.
    Subject: vulnerabilities in cryptographic implementations

Master Students

  1. Oualid Ammar, Internship Master Algo 1999/2000.
    Implementing Shoup threshold signature scheme.
  2. Sébastien Zimmer, Internship Master MPRI 2004/2005.
    Distinguishing LSB or MSB of a Diffie-Hellman key from random bits.
  3. Gaëtan Leurent, Internship Master MPRI 2005/2006.
    Automatic Search of Differential Paths on the MD4 Hash Function.
  4. Aurore Bernard, Internship Master MPRI 2005/2006.
    Attacks on algebraic hash functions.
  5. Charles Bouillaguet, Internship Master MPRI 2006/2007.
    Security and Security Proof of Mode of operations for hash functions.
  6. Thomas Chardin, Internship Ecole polytechnique, 2007/2008.
    Timing-Cache Attack on RC4.
  7. Jérémy Jean, Internship KTH/Ensimag 2009/2010.
    Rebound Attacks on ECHO
  8. Patrick Derbez, ENS Cachan, Internship Master Maths Appli (UVSQ) 2009/2010.
    Automatic Search of guess-and-determine and MITM Attacks on Round-Reduced AES
  9. Thomas Bourgeat, ENS, Internship (L3) 2013.
    Algorithms for LPN.
  10. Thomas Espitau, ENS Cachan, Internship (L3) 2014.
    Higher-Order Differential and Hash Functions.
  11. Chen Qian, ENS Rennes, Internship (L3) 2014.
    Fault Attack on Pairing Implementation.
  12. Paul Kirchner, ENS, Internship (L3) 2014.
    BKW Algorithm for binary LWE.
  13. Paul Kirchner, ENS, Dispo (M1-M2) 2015-16.
    Lattice algo, FHE, White-Box Crypto, NTRU cryptanalysis, Gentry-Szydlo algo.


I am responsible for different projects:


I have been secretary for the concours at l'Ecole normale supérieure. Here you can find some past exams. I have also been involved in the international recruitment.