MPRI 2.19. Biochemical programming

This course takes place on Monday, room 1004 (Sophie Germain building) , between 4:15 PM and 7:15 PM.


Most of the ressources that are useful for the class is available on the following website: In particular, the UI can be used online from the following url: The tools can also be installed as a package:


  1. Introduction (Tuesday, the 7th of December on GTM)
  2. slides
  3. Syntax, semantics, and simulation (Monday, the 4th of December)
  4. Static analysis (Monday, the 11th of December)
  5. Causal analysis (Mondat, the 8th of January)
  6. Exact model reduction (Monday, the 15th of January)
  7. Approximated model reduction (Monday, the 15th of January)
  8. Past Exams