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Vincent Danos, Jérôme Feret, Walter Fontana, Russell Harmer, and Jean Krivine.
Investigation of a biological repair scheme.

In Proceedings of the ninth Workshop on Membrane Computing, WMC9. Edinburgh, UK, July 28 -- 31, 2008, G. Paun(Ed.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5391, pages 1--12.
© Springer 2009, Berlin, Germany.

Abstract: This note details an interaction pattern for the allocation of a scarce biological resource where and when it is needed. It is entirely based on a mass action stochastic dynamics. Domain-domain binding plays a crucial role in the design of the pattern which we therefore present using a rule-based approach where binding is an explicit primitive. We also a use a series of refinements, starting from a very simple interaction set, which we feel gives an interesting and intuitive rationale for the working of the final repair scheme.

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