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Daniel K�stner, Stephan Wilhelm, Stefana Nenova, Patrick Cousot, Radhia Cousot, J�r�me Feret, Laurent Mauborgne, Antoine Min� and Xavier Rival.
Astrée: Proving the Absence of Runtime Errors.

In Embedded Real Time Software and Systems - ERTSS 2010.

Abstract: Safety-critical embedded software has to satisfy stringent quality requirements. Testing and validation consumes a large and growing fraction of development cost. The last years have seen the emergence of semantics-based static analysis tools in various application areas, from runtime error analysis to worst-case execution time prediction. Their appeal is that they have the potential to reduce testing effort while providing 100% coverage, thus enhancing safety. Static runtime error analysis is applicable to large industry-scale projects and produces a list of definite runtime errors and of potential runtime errors which might be true errors or false alarms. In the past, often only the definite errors were fixed because manually inspecting each alarm was too time-consuming due to a large number of false alarms. Therefore no proof of absence of runtime errors could be given. In this article the parameterizable static analyzer Astr�e is presented. By specialization and parametrization Astr�e can be adapted to the software under analysis. This enables Astr�e to efficiently compute precise results. Astr�e has sucessfully been used to analyze large-scale safety-critical avionics software with zero false alarms.

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