J. Feret, hobbies


I have been starting playing drums since I am seven years old and I have been involved in several music formations (from the Harmonie Briarde, to Palomar).

I am accompanying the actresses of Médée et la Toison d'Or.

web series

My favorite short movie company:

  Les Cour Jets

Their new series "The Virgin and the Cockroach" (La Vierge et le Cafard) is on youtube (in French).

  Playlist: The whole season. Liste de lecture: L'intégrale de la saison.

  EP1: Have they always believed in it? Y ont-ils toujours cru ?
  EP2: A tough beginning? Des débuts difficiles ?
  EP3: Is this play for all ages? Est-ce une pièce tout public ?
  EP4: Love affairs, or not? Coucherie ou pas coucherie ?
  EP5: Are the CourJets lucky? Les CourJets sont-ils chanceux ?
  EP6: A true opportunity? Une véritable opportunité ?
  EP7: Do they have any secrets? Ont-ils des secrets ?
  EP8: Eva, is she a star? Eva est-elle une star ?
  EP9: Is theatre a therapy? Le théatre est-il une thérapie ?
  EP10: Is William creative? William, est-il créatif ?
  EP11: How such a success? Comment un tel succès ?
  EP12: What will they become? Que vont-ils devenir ?


Soon at the:
Guichet Montparnasse
15 rue du Maine
75 014 Paris
Richard III
Here are some other plays which I enjoyed very much:
Les justes

C'était hier
  L'Être, le Néant, et le Shopping
  Médée et la Toison d'Or
  Crime aux ASSEDICS

As you may have noticed, I am fan of Natacha. You may have a look at her book.