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AnaStaSec: Deliverables

  1. Task 0: Coordination
    1. Submitted proposal
    2. Intermediary scientific report (T18)
    3. Slides for the midterm evaluation (T18)
  2. Task 1: Protocol analysis
    1. D1.1: Analysis of the ARINC823 public key protocol
    2. report - analysis results
  3. Task 2: Security properties
    1. D2.1: Properties of a platform monitor
    2. D2.2: Properties of binary applications
    3. D2.3: Properties of C applications
  4. Task 3:
    1. D3.2: Analysis of some trusted applications with Frama-C
  5. Task 4: Binary code analysis and isolation
    1. D4.1: CompCert for Software Fault Isolation
  6. Task 5: