Vincent Danos - Academic Activities

Invited talk: Computational systems biology for complex diseases, Nov 28-29, ENS Paris-Saclay, Cachan
Residence: Simons Institute Program Proofs, Consensus, and Decentralizing Society, Berkeley, Aug 21-Dec 16
Invitation: NII Shonan Meeting on "Formal methods for the synthesis of biomolecular circuits", Sep 1-6
Invitation: ETHCC conference, Mar 5-7, CNAM, Paris
Invitation: "Scaling Limits of Dynamical Processes on Random Graphs", 2019 BIRS Workshop , May 19-24, Oaxaca (declined)
Invited talk: 2nd workshop on quantitative molecular biology, May 22-24, Amsterdam
Invited talk: 2nd Logic and Learning workshop, Bellairs Research Centre, Barbados, Mar 15-22
Invited talk: PIHOC'19, Feb 6-7, Bologna
Invitation: International Workshop on Blockchain, BPJRI, CNAM, Jan 21-22, Paris

Invitation: L'impact de l'autonomie technologique sur l'état de droit (Collège des Bernardins) - cycle Jan-Jun
Invitation: Institut de l'ENS - Série Blockchain et Tokenomics, Jan-Jun, Paris
Organisation: International Conference on Tokenomics with Sara Tucci (CEA), Bruno Biais (HEC), Maria Potop-Butucaru (UPMC), Julien Prat (CNRS, CREST) 10-12 May, ENS, Paris
Course: whole-cell modelling Jan 28-Feb 1, CRI, Paris
PC: MWS'19 (modeling the world's system), Washington DC May 13-15
PC: International Conference on Tokenomics, ENS, May 10-12, Paris
PC: BSC19 (NTMS) Workshop on Blockchains and Smart Contracts workshop
WG: Workshop on IA and autonomy (Primavera de Fillipi)

Keynote: 9th International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management CSD&M 2018, Dec 18-19, Paris
Invitation: Journées BIOSS-IA, Dec 18-19, Institut Pasteur, Paris
Invitation: ELI (European Law Institute) workshop on blockchains and contracts, Université Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Dec 17, Paris
Invited talk: ICO et cryptoactifs, LaBChain consortium, CDC Oct 12, Paris
Invited talk: Workshop on Tokenomics & Sound Money (Blockchain Embassy), Sep 28, Berlin
Invited talk: a weak consensus algorithm with applications to side-chaining , Asseth meeting Sep 4, Paris
Invited seminar: "Typology of blockchains", Blockchain Perspectives Joint Research Initiative, Université Paris 2 Panthéon, Jun 18
Invited talk: Integrative Cell Models for Disease Intervention, Jun 10-15, Banff International Research Station (BIRS) (declined)
Invited talk: position-dependent Langevin dynamics, Workshop on Data-Driven Modelling of Complex Systems, Alan Turing Institute, London, May 8-10, 2018
Invited talk: Applied Category Theory Apr 30-May 4, Lorentz Center, Leiden (declined)
Invited talk: "Consensus and Privacy" at IHEIE, Ecole des Mines, Apr 11
Invited talk: Logic and Learning workshop, Bellairs Research Centre, Barbados, Mar 16-23
Invited talk: PIHOC'18, Feb 22-23, Bologna (declined)
Invitation: Dagstuhl Seminar on Formal Methods for the Synthesis of Biomolecular Circuits, 18082, Feb 18-23 (declined)

Course: Introduction to programming and Machine Learning, L1, CRI
Invitation: projet QAXH - BPCE, Nov 6, Paris
Consultation sur la Direction du programme Economie numérique sur PIA3 et ecosysteme blockchain
Audition sur Blockchain pour le Ministère de l'Économie et des Finances (PIPAME, DGE, AIFE) et le pole Systematic, Aug 20, Paris
Audition devant l'OPECST dans le cadre de la mission d'information parlementaire sur Blockchain, May 24
Audition Blockchain Institut Montaigne, Mar 15
Participation à la mission Jean-Pierre Landau aupres du Ministre Bruno Lemaire, Mar 23 et Apr 9
Membre du projet: "Blockchains and Smart Contracts" (European Law Institute)
Co-rédacteur document blockchain cellule de veille et prospective de l'INRIA
Organisation: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Blockchains Jul 2, Ecole Normale Supérieure , Paris,
Undergrad students
Raja Ben Ali (Epitech) - off-chain contracts
Secondary proposer on COST Action Proposal OC-2018-1-22914 on Blockchain foundations and applications (under review)
PhD Committee: Clovis Eberhart, Chambery, Jun 22
Comité de selection: Recrutement sur un poste de professeur IRIF-Université Paris-Diderot Apr 12 and May 17

Invitation: Reunion Workshop on Logical Structures in Computation, Simons Institute, Berkeley Dec 11-14
Invited talk: 1st workshop on quantitative molecular biology Dec 7-8, Paris
Invitation: Dagstuhl Seminar on graph rewriting approaches to computational chemistry, 17452, Nov 5-10 (declined)
Invited talk: Workshop on Major Transitions, Jun 29-30, Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires, Paris
Invited talk: Cosmos meeting, Jun 21, UPMC, Paris
Invited talk: joint CALCO-MFPS session on metrics, privacy, and learning, Lubjana, Jun 12-16 (14)
Invited seminar: Consensus ex post vs ex ante, Séminaire blockchain, Ecole Polytechnique, May 4, Palaiseau
Invited seminar: "Bayesian inversion as an adjunction" IPM School of Mathematics, Tehran, Feb 22
Invitation: Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Workshop on payment and value systems for emerging economies, Feb 2-3, Vienna
Invited talk: 40 years of abstract interpretation , POPL workshop Jan 21 2017, Paris
Invited seminar: "Stochastic Growth models", Theoretical physics seminar ESPCI, Jan 12
Course: Disruptive Technologies and Public Policy, Sciences Po, School of Public Affairs, Paris, Sep-Nov
co-PI sur le Projet Moneytrack lauréat du concours FUI 24 de la BPI
Co-author of the segment of the INRIA strategic plan 2018-2022 on distributed cryptosystems and blockchains (2017)
Membre du groupe de travail Blockchain de l'agence France-Stratégie.
Présentation sur les directions de recherche dans le monde blockchain Agence France-Stratégie, Sep 20
Invitation: Comité de pilotage du Groupe thématique Systèmes d'information de Systematic, Paris, Jun 1
Invitation: Liverpool computational chemistry department, Jun
Invitation: USTC Shanghai's Institute for Advanced Studies, Shanghai, Jul 27-Aug 10
Member of the ERC Consolidator evaluation panel PE1 (Mathematics)
Organisation: séminaire Blocksem, Ecole Polytechnique
HDR Committee (President): Damian Markham LIP6, UPMC, Jul 5, Paris
Co-rédacteur d'un accord de recherche INRIA et Fondation Tezos portant sur la Blockchain, Jul
Rédacteur d'une demande de création d'un INRIA Project lab "Blockchain Backbones", May

Invited talk: CONCUR 2016, Quebec, Aug 25-26
Residence: Simons Institute Program Logical Structures and Computations, Berkeley, Aug 17-Dec 16
Invited talk: SysMod SIG 2016, ISMB, Orlando, Jul 9
Invited talk: Xenobiology 2, XB2, May 24-26, Berlin
Seminar: IPM School of Biosciences, Tehran, Jan
Invited talk: IPM Formal Methods Day, Teheran, Jan 10
Course: Disruptive Technologies and Public Policy, Sciences Po, School of Public Affairs, Paris, Sep-Nov
Research project: ANR Repas
Organisation: Workshop Ambascience FR-UK day on "digital governance"", May 29, London
PC: Computational Methods in Systems Biology, CMSB'16, Cambridge, Sep 21-23
PC: Complexis'17
PC: LICS 2017, Reykjavik (declined)
PhD students finished 2016
Guoli Yang (Edinburgh) - "Learning in Adaptive Networks"
MSc. Interns (ENS)
David Rodrigues - Toy growth models of the tRNA macroeconomics

Invitation: Alan Turing Institute Scoping Workshop, Networks and Big Data, London, Dec 18
Invitation: Alan Turing Institute Scoping Workshop, Data Rich Phenomena - Modelling, Analysing & Simulation Using Partial Differential Equations, Dec 14-16, Cambridge
Keynote: Design, optimization, and control in systems and synthetic biology, Paris, ENS, Nov 12-13
Invitation: Alan Turing Institute Scoping Workshop, Topological data analysis, London, Sep 10-11(declined)
Keynote: Static Analysis and Systems Biology, SASB, Saint-Malo Sep 8
Talk: Conference de rentree des eleves, ENS Cachan, Sep 7
Invitation: Simons Institute workshop on Dynamic Biological Modeling: Abstractions, Algorithms and Logic, Berkeley, Aug 10-14 (declined)
Keynote: 7th Conference on Reversible Computation, RC'15, Grenoble, Jul 16-17
Keynote: Tsinghua Software Days 2015, Tsinghua, Beijing, Apr 20-21
Member of the ERC Consolidator evaluation panel PE1 (Mathematics)
Member of the Board of the Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires
PC (co-chair and organisation): Integrative Cell Models, Lorentz Workshop, Leiden, Jan 26-30
PC (co-chair and organisation): Self-assembly and Self-organization in Computer Science and Biology Seminar 15402, Dagstuhl, Sep 27-Oct 2 (mentioned in Avi Wigderson's recent book)
PC: 7th Conference on Reversible Computation, RC'15, Grenoble, Jul 16-17
PC: Fourth International Workshop on Hybrid Systems Biology, HSB'15, Sep 4-5 (declined)
PC: Complexis'16 (declined)
Participant to the ICT COST Action on Reversible Computation
School: Advance Course on Computational Systems Biology, Les Arcs, Apr 6-11
Computational Biology II , Master Approches Interdisciplinaires du Vivant, CRI, Paris
Course: Whole cell Modelling , Ecole Doctorale Frontieres du Vivant, CRI, Paris
PhD students starting 2015
Andreea Beica (ENS) - Max-parallel approximations of discrete stochastic models
Guillaume Terradot (Edinburgh) - Models of bacterial growth and global regulation
William Waites (Edinburgh) - Evolutionary strategies and tissue mechanics - Synthetic Biology Research Centre.
PhD students finished 2015
Ricardo Honorato-Zimmer (Edinburgh) - "Thermodynamics of graph-rewriting"
Milana Filatenkova (Edinburgh) - "Quantitative tool for in vivo analysis of DNA processing proteins using High Resolution Sequence Data"
John-Wilson Kanamori (Edinburgh) - "Defining complex rule-based systems in Space and over Time"
MSc. Interns (ENS)
Eleonore Bellot - models of cellular entropy production rate
Xavier Zaoui - models bacterial growth and interferences between antibiotics
Danae David - knowledge representation in the biochemistry of signalling pathways
Ihab Boulas - models of transmission of editing plasmids

Keynote: ICFEM 2014, special track biology, Luxembourg, 3-7 Nov
Keynote and Invitation: TUCS Distinguished Lectures, Turku, Oct 31 (shifted)
Talk: TaMaRa lab, Oct 6, Paris
Invitation: Workshop on Control Engineering and Synthetic Biology, 10-12 Sep, Oxford
Invitation: Luca Cardelli Fest, Cambridge, Sep 8-9
Keynote: SASB workshop, Munich, Sep 10 (declined)
Keynote: ISGSB 2014, Durham, Sep 5-8 (declined)
Keynote: Workshop on Graph-based tools York, Jul 25
Keynote: VEMDP Vienna, Jul 17
Invitation: Dagstuhl Seminar,"Feature Interactions: The Next Generation" Jul 6-11 2014 (14281) (declined)
Invitation: "Open Problems in Concurrency Theory" IFIP Working Group 1.8, 16-22 Jun 2014, Bertinoro (declined).
Keynote: CS2Bio Berlin, Jun 6th
Talk: Edinburgh maths-bio seminar, May 27
Keynote: Stochastic Biology: from Cells to Populations, May 4-7 2014, IST Austria
Talk: Bounded Rationality workshop Edinburgh, Apr 4-5
Talk: Flowers Consortium ISAB review London, Apr 1-2
Invitation: Franco-Scottish Computer Science Seminar, Edinburgh, Feb 14
Invitation: Seminaire d'histoire des probas et de la statistique, Centre Koyre, Paris, 17 Jan 2014
Public outreach: news and views on Markus Covert piece in the french edition of Scientific American, May
Consultant: DARPA Big Mechanism programme; a USD 2M, 42 months project led by Fontana (Harvard)
Member of Expert Panel for Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale (declined)
EATCS Best paper award for "Transformation and Refinement of Rigid Structures", 7th ICTG conference
PC: RECOMB 2014, Pittsburgh, Apr 2-5
PC: HSB'14 (3rd International Workshop on Hybrid Systems Biology), Vienna
PC: TermGraph'14 (3rd International Workshop on Hybrid Systems Biology), Vienna
PC: Sixth International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation, Boston, Jun 11-12

Invitation: Molecular Programming Workshop, Oxnard, California, Dec 13-15, 2013 (declined)
Invitation: Workshop on Information and Processes, CIAPA, Costa Rica, Dec 15-18 (declined)
Invitation: 10th birthday Conference, laboratoire de mathématiques appliquées (MAS) de l'école centrale Paris, Dec 11-13
Invitation: 8th Scottish Category Theory Seminar, International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, Nov 29
Invitation: Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology (WCSB), Nov 11-12
Invitation: Innsbruck Computer Science colloquium, Oct 24
Talk+Panel: Franco-British Symposium on Synthetic Biology 17-18 Oct, French Embassy, London
Invitation: Workshop on Genomics, Computational & Systems Biology at TGAC, Norwich Sep 16 2013 (declined)
Invitation: 4th COMBINE Forum, Institut Curie, Paris Sep 16-20
Invitation: UK-South Korea Global Partnership workshop, London, July 8
Invitation: Flowers annual meeting, Cumberland Lodge, May 8-9
Invitation: Centre Cournot Paris, Apr 25
Invitation: Colloque inaugural PPS-LIAFA, Paris, Apr 22
Invitation: ETH Basel, Mar 21-22
Invitation: Systems Biology Seminar Dundee, Mar 11
Invitation: Tokyo University (declined)
Invitation: Evaporation of things, Edinburgh, Mar 13
Invitation: UCL, Apr 4 (cancelled)
Invitation: Quo Vadis, Quantum Physics? Workshop, International Institute of Physics, Natal Feb 25-Mar 1
Invitation: Workshop on Graph Transformations, Leicester, Jan 25
Poster: Information, probability and inference in systems biology (IPISB 2013), Edinburgh Jul 15-17
Contributed talk: winter q-bio Hawai, Feb 19-21
Member of the ERC Consolidator evaluation panel PE1 Mathematics
ERC Advanced Grant 2013-2017
Invited paper for the Prakash Panangaden Festschrift
Invited paper for the Glynn Winskel Festschrift
Invited paper for the Samson Abramsky Festschrift
Founding member of the Edinburgh multi-scale modelling group
PC: CMSB 2013
PC: CAV 2013

Keynote: IoSSB annual conference, Nov 14, Imperial, London
Keynote: EuroSysBio, Madrid, Oct (?)
Keynote: MeCBIC 2012, Newcastle, Sep 8
Keynote: Session on 'Computability, Logical and Physical', Logic Colloquium 2012, Manchester, Jul 12-18
Keynote: LSB'12 LICS satellite, Dubrovnik, June 30
Keynote: Newton Institute Workshop on "The Incomputable", Kavli Royal Society International Centre, Chicheley Hall, Jun 12-15
Keynote: CMACS Workshop on Systems Biology and Formals Methods (SBFM'12), NYU, Mar 29-30
Keynote: NVTI (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Theoretische Informatica), Utrecht, Mar 23
Keynote: Lorentz Center Workshop, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology - Bridging the Divide, Leiden, Feb 14-17
Invitation: Dagstuhl Seminar (12352) "Information Flow and its applications", Jul 26-31
Invitation: Leicester Computer Science seminar on Latest Research Directions, Feb 3
Director of the Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology at Edinburgh (SynthSys)
Invited paper to Philosophical Transactions A/Interface Focus for the Turing Centenary
Session chair at the Turing Centenary Symposium, Edinburgh, May 11
Course: BCI PhD summer school Udine, Sep 10-14
Course: Workshop on Formal Approaches to Modelling in Systems Biology Postgraduate course, SynthSys, Edinburgh, Apr 23-27
Course: Computational Biology Undergraduate course, AIV, Paris, Mar 19-22
PhD: (examiner) Thomas Courtat, Universite Paris Diderot, Jan 30
PC co-chair: FMSB workshop (Formal Methods in Systems Biology), satellite of CAV'12
PC: DCM 2012, satellite of CiE 2012
PC: CAV 2012
PC: CMSB 2012
PC: RC 2012
PC: ICALP 2012 (declined)
PC: TAMC 2012, Beijing (declined)
PC: RTA 2012 (declined)
PC: Ackermann prize jury (declined)
PC: Workshop on Natural Computing and Graph Transformation, satellite to the 6th International Conference on Graph Transformations, Bremen, Sep 24-29 (declined)
Keynote: FHIES'12, Paris, Aug 27-28 (declined)

Keynote: DNA 17, CalTech, Pasadena, Sep 2011
Keynote: BioCAD workshop at 12th ICSB 2011 (declined)
Keynote: CALCO'11 Fourth International Conference on Algebra and Coalgebra in Computer Science, Aug 30-Sep 2 2011, Winchester
Keynote: Workshop on Computational Systems Biology, Jun 7 - 9, ETH, Zurich
Keynote: Workshop Toward Systems Biology, May 30 - Jun 1, Grenoble
Keynote: CSBE International Scientific Advisory Board Talk, Edinburgh, May 19
Keynote: Bioinformatics IPA Spring days, Apr 12-14, Netherlands
Keynote: Final Meeting ANR Choco, Apr 4-7
Keynote: CS2Bio 2011, Iceland (declined)
Invitation: Molecular Programming Workshop, Jun 16-18, 2011, Friday Harbor Labs, Washington State
Invitation: Departmental Seminar, School of Computer Science, Birmingham, May 5-6
Invitation: EBI Departmental Seminar, Cambridge, Feb 8
Invitation: MSR Cambridge, Feb 7
Invitation: Dagsthul Seminar, decision procedures in hard/soft and bio-ware (declined), Jul 2011
Invitation: Departmental Seminar, School of Computer Science, Aberdeen (declined)
Best model prize for the Edinburgh team at European finals IGEM, Amsterdam, Oct
Panelist on the DNA 17 "Hard Problems in DNA Computing and Molecular Programming"
Editorial Board of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
Invitation to Home Office Workshop on Synthetic Biology, Royal Society, London, Sep 29
Course: ER-06 Winter School ENS Lyon Feb 14-18
Course: Computational Biology, undergraduate course, AIV, Paris, Jan
Course: Kappa tutorial, CSBE, Edinburgh, Feb 9
PC: MFPS 2011, CMU, Jul
PC: CMSB 2011, Rocquencourt, May
PC: CompMod 2011, Aachen, Sep 10
PC: ISMB/ECCB 2011, Vienna
PC: qBIO rule-based workshop, 2011
PC: Chair of special session, TAMC, Tokyo (declined)

Keynote: ICSB'10 special workshop on Advanced Modeling and Simulation Techniques, Edinburgh, Oct 15
Keynote: ICSB'10, Combinatorial and Multiscale Modeling session, Edinburgh, Oct 13
Keynote: HiBi'10 Oct, Twente (declined)
Keynote: Computer Science Symposium, IST Austria, May 6-7 2010
Keynote: LICS'10, Jul 14, Edinburgh
Invitation: Ed Clarke's CMACS seminar, CMU, Feb 19
Invitation: Departmental Seminar, Oxford, Computer Science, May 1
Invitation: Departmental Seminar, Systems Biology Ireland, Dublin, Dec 13-15
Invitation: Dagsthul seminar, Verification over discrete-continuous boundaries (declined), Jul 2010
Invitation: MSR Cambridge, Jun 16-18
Invitation: INRIA Porgy project, Bordeaux, Jun 4-5
Invitation: ICNAMM invitation for mini-symposium, Rhodes, Sep (declined)
co-Chair of the "Combinatorial and Multiscale Modeling session" session ICSB'10
Chair of the ICSB'10 tutorials, Oct 10, Edinburgh
Chair of the SIG Biopathways ISMB'10, Jul 10, Boston
Best model prize for the Edinburgh team at IGEM, Boston, MIT, Nov
PhD: (examiner) Marek Kwiatkowski, University of Edinburgh, Oct 22
PC: ICSB'10, Edinburgh
PC: MFPS'10, Ottawa
PC: LICS'10, Edinburgh
PC: ISMB'10, Boston
PC: CONCUR'10, Paris
PC: CS2Bio, Amsterdam, Jun 10
PC: CSL'10 (declined)
PC: RC'10, reversible computation, Bremen, Jul 2-3 (declined)

Keynote: Emerging Modelling Methodologies in Medicine and Biology, ICMS Workshhop, Jul 20-24, Edinburgh
Keynote: 4th Scottish biosystems modelling network, 6th Annual Aberdeen Systems Biology Symposium, Aberdeen, May 15, 2009
Keynote: Qbio Systems Biology conference, Peking University, Beijing, Jul 17 (declined)
Keynote: From Biological Networks to Cellular Function: Evolution, Dynamics and Spatial Organization, Jun 10-12, Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste (declined)
Keynote: Collaborative Conference on Bioinformatics, Jun, OCCBio, Ohio (declined)
Keynote: International Conference on Rewriting Theory and Applications, RTA 2009, Jun 29-Jul 1, Brasilia (Brasil)
Keynote: QAPL 2009, 7th Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages, Mar 28-29, York (UK), ETAPS workshop
Keynote: Bridging The Gap workshop, Glasgow, Jul 17
Keynote: Discrete models of biological networks, CIRM workshop, Nov 3-7
Invitation: "Bridging the gap" lecture, Sheffield
Invitation: Department of Systems Biology Seminar, Warwick Jan 27
Invitation: Gennetec training course Jan 21
Invitation: Dagsthul seminar, Formal Methods in Molecular Biology, Feb 2009 (declined)
Invitation: COSBI center, Trento (declined)
Invitation: Leeds logic seminar (declined)
Kappa language mentioned in a Nature technology feature that discusses the complexity of cellular interactions, Jul 16
Interview Nature, Jun 9
Bio-modelling workshop, Bellairs Institute, Barbados, Mar 16-20
PC: Theory and Applications of Models of Computation (TAMC 09), 26-30 May 2009, Changsha, China.
PC: Reversible Computation, RC'09, satellite workshop of ETAPS 2009, York Mar 22 2009
PC: ICE'09
PC: SOS'09
PC: CompMod'09, 2nd International Workshop on Computational Models for Cell Processes
PC co-chair: DCM'09

Keynote: Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, Tallinn, 19-21 Nov 2008
Keynote: Natural Computing Summer School, Bertinoro, Sep 2008
Keynote: ESF Workshoop on Correlations, Brussels, Aug 2008
Keynote: 9th Workshop on Membrane Computing, Edinburgh Jul 2008
Keynote: Foundations of Informatics, Computing and Software (FICS'08), Shanghai, Jun 3-6 2008
Keynote: EPFL Summer Research Institute (SuRI) Jul 07-12 2008, Lausanne
Keynote: SOS ICALP'08 workshop, Jul 12 2008, Reykjavik
Keynote: bi-invited talk PAuL and SOS ICALP'08 workshops, Jul 6 2008, Reykjavik
Keynote: Formal Methods in System Biology 2008, Cambridge, Jun 4-5 2008
Keynote: Workshop on "Computational Models for Cell Processes", Turku, May 27 2008
Keynote: 5th annual Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation (TAMC 2008), Xi'an, China, Apr 25-29 2008
Keynote: 7th annual thematic school of the Epigenomics program "Modelling of complex biological systems in the context of genomics", Villeneuve d'Ascq, Apr 7-11 2008
Keynote: Samson Abramsky's Clifford Lectures, New-Orleans, Mar 16-22 2008
Keynote: Summer School MOVEP, Jun 23-27 2008, Orleans
Keynote: Journee Francaises de Langages Applicatifs, Jan 2008 (declined)
Invitation: Tri-Institutional Seminar Series, Rockfeller, MSKCC and WMCCU, Feb 14 2008
Invitation: Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science colloquium, Feb 11 2008
Invitation: QMW distinguished seminar
Invitation: Distinguished Scholar Invitation, Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Software, Beijing May 1-15 2008
Invitation: Tsinghua University, Beijing May 16-30 2008
SFI external Faculty member 2008-2011
Harvard Medical School Visiting Professor 2007-2008
PC: ICE ICALP'08 workshop
PC: FBTC'08 ICALP'08 workshop
PC: QPL-DCM'08 ICALP'08 workshop
PC: Onward! 2008 OOPSLA workshop
PC: BioPathways ISMB'08 workshop (Toronto)

Keynote: American Society of Cell Biology, Systems Biology of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Networks session, Dec 1 2007
Keynote: Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS 2007) Nov 29-Dec 1 2007, Singapore
Keynote: CMSB'07, Computational Methods in Systems Biology, Edinburgh, Sep 2007
Keynote: IICQI Iranian International Conference on Quantum Information, Kish, Sep 10 2007
Keynote: WG 1.8 Workshop on Applying Concurrency Research in Industry, Lisbon, Sep 7 2007
Keynote: International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2007), Lisbon, Sep 4-7, 2007
Keynote: E. Shapiro symposium, Jul 9-10, Paris, 2007
Keynote: 5eme ecole thematique "Modelling of complex biological systems in the context of genomics", Evry, Apr 30-May 4 2007
Keynote: Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS), Tulane, Apr 10-14 2007
Keynote: International Workshop on graph transformation for verification and concurrency (GT-VC), Lisbon, Sep 3 2007
Invitation: Sharif University, Tehran, Sep 13 2007
Invitation: Sloane-Kettering Cancer foundation, New York, Jun 21 2007
Invitation: Workshop on SBML specification, Santa Fe, Jun 14-15
Invitation: MIT Bioinformatics seminar Feb 28 2007
Scientific Board Ecole Doctorale Interdisciplinaire FdV, 2007
PC: "Protein Interactions and Molecular Networks" ISMB/ECCB 2007
PC: CMSB'07, Computational Methods in Systems Biology, Edinburgh, Sep 2007
PC: Bio Pathways, ISMB/ECCB 2007 satellite
PC: POPL 2008, Edinburgh, Sep 27-28 2007
PC: QAPL07, ETAPS satellite
PC: co-Chair DCM07, LICS and ICALP satellite, Jul 15 2007

Keynote: International Conference Emerging Trends in Concurrency Theory, Ecole Polytechnique Nov 13-15 (declined)
Keynote: Societe Marocaine de Bio-Informatique, Tanger, Nov 2006 (declined)
Keynote: Jobim satellite, "Modeles dynamiques: reseaux metaboliques et interaction hote-pathogene", Jul 4, Bordeaux
Keynote: Abstraction, modularite et compositionnalite dans les reseaux geniques et proteiques, ACI VicAnne, 23 Jan
Keynote: Second Workshop on Quantum Computation, Barbados, 19-26 Mar
Keynote: Bionetworks, Workshop Geocal'06 13-17 Feb
Keynote: ASL Meeting May, categorical quantum logic (declined)
Invitation: Theory Lunch, Harvard Medical School, Oct
Invitation: Santa Fe Institute, Jun 4-14, 2006
Invitation: Dagstuhl seminar, Simulation and Verification of Dynamic Systems, 17-22 Apr (declined)
Invitation: ICT Trento, Microsoft
Keynote: MOCA day, May 19, Lille
Invitation: Fontana lab at Harvard Medical School Boston, May 2006
Invitation: Petit-dejeuner valorisation, Universite Paris-Diderot, Dec 14. -
Founding member of IFIP WG 1.8 working group
Member of the external review committee of ICT Trento
Member of the experts group of ANR (Agence National de la Recherche)
Member of the INRIA Rocquencourt CR2 recruitment panel
Participation to the SFI Business Network and Board of Trustees Symposium, Nov 2-4
Member of the working group "Informatique quantique"/"logique et complexite", GDR Info et Maths, Jun
PhD: (examiner) Simon Perdrix, Dec 11, Grenoble
PhD: (examiner) Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Montreal
PhD: (supervisor) Samuel Hym
PhD: (supervisor) Fabien Tarissan
Course: "Models of Biological Networks", MPRI, Sep 2006-Feb 2007
PC co-chair: Geocal06, Workshop on Probabilistic Models, Feb, Luminy
PC: CNRS Interdisciplinary Summer School on Life Sciences, Berder
PC: MeCBIC'06, Workshop On Membrane Computing and Biologically Inspired Process Calculi)

Keynote: Workshop on Classical and Quantum Information Security, Caltech, 15-18 Dec 2005
Invited Talk: "Reversible Process Algebras", Montpellier, Geocal, 17-18 Mar 2005
Invited Talk: "Biologie Formelle", Seminaire Logique et Philo, Paris 1, 22 Apr 2005
Invited Talk: "Measurement-based quantum computing", Birmingham, MFPS XXI, 18-21 May 2005
Invited Talk: "LMP approximants", Birmingham, MFPS XXI, 18-21 May 2005
Talk: "Property-driven statistics of biological networks", Edinburgh, CMSB'05, 3-5 Apr 2005
Talk: "Self-assembling graphs", IWINAC, 15 Jun 2005
Talk: "Pauli Measurements are universal", Chicago, QPL05, 1 Jul 2005
Talk: "Determinism and the one-way model", Tokyo, EQIS05, 26-30 Aug 2005
Keynote: "The measurement calculus", Oxford Computing Lab, 2-4 Feb 2005
Invitation: Boston, Harvard, Walter Fontana 18-23 Jan 2005
Invitation: Innsbruck, Hans Briegel, 5-11 Feb 2005
Invitation: Lectures on measurement based quantum computing, Mio Murao, Tokyo, 12-24 Feb 2005
Invitation: Formal Molecular Biology, Rene Vestergaard, JAIST, 21-22 Feb 2005
Invitation: Domain Theory and Space-time Structure, Bellairs Workshop 25-29 Apr 2005
Invitation: Boston, Harvard, Walter Fontana 5-14 May 2005
Invitation: IQC, Waterloo, Ontario, 12-29 Jul 2005
Invitation: Montreal, McGill, Prakash Panangaden 6-24 Oct 2005
Course: "Models of Biological Networks", MPRI, Sep 2005-Feb 2006
PhD: (examiner) Jerome Feret (Ecole Polytechnique) 25 Feb 2005
PhD: (examiner) Francisco Alberti (Universite Paris-Diderot) 27 May 2005
Organisation: Q-day 2, IHP, 8-9 Dec 2005 Paris
PC: DCM'05
PC: Ecole de Berder'05
PC: Bioconcur'05
PC: RIAMS 05 (workshop satellite IPG 2005)

Invited Talk: "Auto-assemblage", LaMI, Evry, Jan 16
Invited Talk: "Hybrid Petri Nets", Atelier Epigenese/Genopole, Evry, Jan 23
Invited Talk: "Projective Brane-Calculus", Ecole "Modelisation et simulation de processus biologiques", Evry, 1 Apr
Invited Talk (Prakash Panangaden): "A Fixpoint Logic for probabilistic processes", Oxford Computing Lab, 9-15 Feb
Invited Talk: Ecole interdisciplinaire de biologie, Berder (golfe du Morbihan), 21-26 Mar
Invited Talk: Ecole Evry-Genopole, 29 Mar-3 Apr
Invited Talk: Dagstuhl Seminar 04241 Workshop on Process Calculi and Graph Transformation, 6-11 Apr(declined)
Conference Talk: "Reversible Process algebras", CONCUR'04, London, 31 Aug
Invited Talk: "Parsimonious and robust implementations of generators in the one-way model", IQC, Waterloo
Keynote: "Almost sure Bisimulation", Bellairs Workshop on Probabilities in AI, Barbados, 18-25 Apr
Keynote: "Formal Molecular Biology", Logic in Systems Biology Workshop, Turku, 18 Jul
Invited Talk: "Formal Biology, the next science?", LIX, 11 Jun
Invitation: Martin Escardo, University of Birmingham, Jun
Invitation: Elham Kashefi, Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo University, 15 Oct-15 Nov
Invitation: Prakash Panangaden, McGill University, 3-7 Nov
Invitation: Josee Desharnais, Universite de Laval, Quebec, 6-26 Aug
Public outreach: bio-informatique, Science & Vie, Dec
Course: "Modeles Probabilistes et Modeles Biologiques", ENSTA, Feb-Apr
Course: "Modeles Concurrents des Systemes Biologiques", DEA de Programmation Paris 7, Jan-Apr
Course: "Biologie Formelle", MPRI Paris 7, 50h, Oct-Feb
PhD: (supervisor) Michel Hirschowitz, Universite Paris-Diderot, Dec 17
Organisation: Q-Day, Dec 14, Paris
PC (co-chair): CMSB'04, Paris, 26-28 May
PC: Logic and Systems Biology, LICS'04 Satellite, Finland, 18 Jul

Keynote: "Conditional Expectation and LMPs", MFPS, 19-22 Mar (mathematical foundations of programming and semantics)
Keynote: "Conditional Expectation and LMPs", Workshop on Proof Theory and Algorithms, ICMS, Edinburgh, 23-29 Mar
Keynote: "Martingales and Markov interactive approximation", Bellairs Workshop on Domain Theoretic Methods in Probabilistic Processes, Barbados, 20-27 Apr 2003
Keynote: Séminaire LIFL modélisation régulation et interaction biologique, Lille, 5 May
Invited course: Concurrency and Formal Biology, Trento, May 19th/May 30th, 20 hours
Keynote: "Core Formal Molecular Biology", Workshop on Concurrency Theory, Fields Summer Program, Ottawa, Jun 19-20
Talk: "Graphs for Formal Molecular Biology", CMSB'03, Rovereto, 24-26 Feb
Talk: "A formal modeling language for the working molecular biologist", CMSB'03, Rovereto, 24-26 Feb
Talk: "Core Formal Molecular Biology" deuxième réunion de l'AS "Méthodes formelles pour la mobilité", Lyon, 10-11 Mar
Talk: "Core Formal Molecular Biology", ESOP'03, Warsaw, 9-11 Apr
Talk: "A Fixpoint Logic for Labeled Markov Processes", FICS'03, Warsaw, 12-13 Apr
Talk: "Labeled Markov Processes: stronger and faster approximants", LICS'03, Ottawa, Jun 22-25
Talk: "Conditional Expectation and the approximation of Labeled Markov Processes", CONCUR'03, Marseille, Sep 2003
Talk: PPS Scientific Committee, Nov 14
Talk: Journees Graphes, Réseaux et Modélisation, Dec 17-18, Paris
Outreach: Master class Science & Television, Nov 13, Paris
Invited course: Formal Molecular Biology, Bologna, 20 hours, Sep 22-Oct 3
Course: "Modelisation de Systèmes biologiques", Magistère deuxième année ENS Paris et ENS Cachan, Oct-Jan
PhD: (examiner) Daniele Varacca (BRICS) Nov 24, Aarhus
PhD: (examiner) Frederic de Jaeger (Universite Paris-Diderot) Nov 13
PC: FOSSACS'2003 (Foundation of software sciences and computer systems) Apr 7-9
PC: TLCA'2003 (Typed lambda-calculus and applications)
PC: CMSB'2003 (Computational methods in systems biology)
PC: WAIT'2003 (Argentinian Workshop on Theoretical Computer Science), Apr
PC (chair): Bio-Concur'2003, satellite of CONCUR'03, Sep

Talk: Journées du GDR ALP 28-29 Jan
Talk: Séminaire PPS Feb 14
Talk: Séminaire Logique Chambéry, Mar 14
Talk: Institut Jacques Monod, U. Paris-Diderot
Talk: ENS Cachan, Journée Sécurité Sep 27
Talk: Méthodes Formelles pour la Mobilité, Action Spécifique CNRS, Dec 6, Paris 13
Invitation: COGS Lab, Sussex University, 4-9 Feb
Invitation: PPS Theoretical Computer Science Spring School 24-29 Mar
PC: LICS'2002
PC (co-chair): Biopathways satellite ICSB'02 "Function in Biological Networks", Stockholm