SAS01: Accepted Papers

Analyzing Fair Parametric Extended Automata A. Annichini, A. Bouajjani, Y. Lakhnech, and M. Sighireanu
Communication and Parallelism Introduction and Elimination by Static Formal Transformations Miquel Bertran Francesc Babot and August Climent Miquel Nicolau
Finite-Tree Analysis for Constraint Logic-Based Languages Roberto Bagnara (University of Parma) Roberta Gori (University of Pisa) Patricia M. Hill (University of Leeds) Enea Zaffanella (University of Parma)
Estimating the Impact of Scalable Pointer Analysis on Optimization Manuvir Das, Ben Liblit, Manuel Fahndrich, Jakob Rehof
Cleanness Checking of String Manipulations in C Programs via Integer Analysis Nurit Dor Michael Rodeh Mooly Sagiv
Abstract Interpretation-Based Static Analysis of Mobile Ambients Jérôme Feret
Incompleteness, Counterexamples and Refinements in Abstract Model-Checking Roberto Giacobazzi and Elisa Quintarelli
Effective Strictness Analysis with HORN Constraints Kevin Glynn, Peter J. Stuckey, and Martin Sulzmann
Static analyses of floating-point operations Éric Goubault
Using Slicing to Identify Duplication in Source Code Raghavan Komondoor and Susan Horwitz
An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Analysing Mobile Ambients Francesca Levi and Sergio Maffeis
Efficient Computation of Parameterized Pointer Information for Interprocedural Analyses Donglin Liang and Mary Jean Harrold
Solving Regular Tree Grammar Based Constraints Yanhong A. Liu, Ning Li, Scott D. Stoller
Parameterizing a Groundness Analysis of Logic Programs Lunjin Lu
Applying static analysis techniques for inferring termination conditions of logic programs Fred Mesnard and Ulrich Neumerkel
An Abstract Analysis of the Probabilistic Termination of Programs David Monniaux
A Behavioral Module System for the Pi-Calculus Sriram K. Rajamani and Jakob Rehof
Soft Scheduling for Hardware Richard Sharp and Alan Mycroft
Embedding Chaos Natalia Sidorova and Martin Steffen
Watchpoint Semantics: A Tool for Compositional and Focussed Static Analyses Fausto Spoto
Parametric Optimization of Open Real-Time Systems Farn Wang, Hsu-Chun Yen

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