SAS'01  Scientific  Program

Salle Louis Liard, Entrance: 17, rue de la Sorbonne

Monday July 16th, 2001

8:00—12:00 & 13:30—16:00 Salle des Autorités (Entrance: 17, rue de la Sorbonne)

Invited talk (Chair: P. Cousot)
9:00—10:00 Program Analysis for Multithreaded ProgramsMartin C. Rinard (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
10:00—10:30Coffee break
Program transformation (Chair: M. Hermenegildo)
10:30—11:00 Communication and Parallelism Introduction and Elimination by Static Formal Transformations Miquel Bertran Francesc Babot and August Climent Miquel Nicolau
11:00—11:30 Using Slicing to Identify Duplication in Source Code Raghavan Komondoor and Susan Horwitz
11:30—12:00 Soft Scheduling for Hardware Richard Sharp and Alan Mycroft
Strictness and termination (Chair: C. Hankin)
13:30—14:00 Effective Strictness Analysis with HORN Constraints Kevin Glynn, Peter J. Stuckey, and Martin Sulzmann
14:00—14:30 Applying Static Analysis Techniques for Inferring Termination Conditions of Logic Programs Fred Mesnard and Ulrich Neumerkel
14:30—15:00 An Abstract Analysis of the Probabilistic Termination of Programs David Monniaux
15:00—15:30Coffee break
Semantics abstraction (Chair: G. Filè)
15:30—16:00 Watchpoint Semantics: A Tool for Compositional and Focussed Static Analyses Fausto Spoto
Logic and constraint programming (Chair: G. Filè)
16:00—16:30 Parameterizing a Groundness Analysis of Logic Programs Lunjin Lu
16:30—17:00 Finite-Tree Analysis for Constraint Logic-Based Languages Roberto Bagnara (University of Parma) Roberta Gori (University of Pisa) Patricia M. Hill (University of Leeds) Enea Zaffanella (University of Parma)

Tuesday July 17th, 2001

Invited talk (Chair: J. Larus)
9:00—10:00 Applications of Extended Static CheckingK. Rustan M. Leino (Compaq SRC)
10:00—10:30Coffee break
Data structures (Chair: T. Reps)
10:30—11:00 Cleanness Checking of String Manipulations in C Programs via Integer Analysis Nurit Dor Michael Rodeh Mooly Sagiv
11:00—11:30 Solving Regular Tree Grammar Based Constraints Yanhong A. Liu, Ning Li, Scott D. Stoller
11:30—12:00 Static analyses of floating-point operations Éric Goubault
Pointer analysis (Chair: Kwangkeun Yi)
13:30—14:00 Estimating the Impact of Scalable Pointer Analysis on Optimization Manuvir Das, Ben Liblit, Manuel Fahndrich, Jakob Rehof
14:00—14:30 Efficient Computation of Parameterized Pointer Information for Interprocedural Analyses Donglin Liang and Mary Jean Harrold
Model Checking (Chair: Kwangkeun Yi)
14:30—15:00 Parametric Optimization of Open Real-Time Systems Farn Wang, Hsu-Chun Yen
15:00—15:30 Embedding Chaos Natalia Sidorova and Martin Steffen
15:30—16:00Coffee break
Abstract Model Checking (Chair: A. Podelski)
16:00—16:30 Analyzing Fair Parametric Extended Automata A. Annichini, A. Bouajjani, Y. Lakhnech, and M. Sighireanu
16:30—17:00 Incompleteness, Counterexamples and Refinements in Abstract Model-Checking Roberto Giacobazzi and Elisa Quintarelli
Invited Industrial Static Analysis Tool Demos (Chair: M. Sagiv)
17:00—17:30 Tool demo: Stack Usage Analysis
Stack overflow is now a thing of the past!!
R. Heckmann (AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH)
17:30—18:00 Tool demo: Worst Case Execution Time Prediction for Hard Real-Time SystemsR. Heckmann (AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH)
Conference Reception,  20:00,  Grand Salon,  La Sorbonne (Entrance: 47 rue des Écoles)

Wednesday July 18th, 2001

Invited talk (Chair: G. Levi)
9:00—10:00 Language-based Security: What's needed and Why Fred Schneider
10:00—10:30Coffee break
Mobility (Chair: A. Gordon)
10:30—11:00 A Behavioral Module System for the Pi-Calculus Sriram K. Rajamani and Jakob Rehof
11:00—11:30 An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Analysing Mobile Ambients Francesca Levi and Sergio Maffeis
11:30—12:00 Abstract Interpretation-Based Static Analysis of Mobile Ambients Jérôme Feret
Invited Session on Security (F. Schneider)
13:30—14:15 Static analysis and software assurance David Wagner (University of California, Berkeley
14:15—15:00 A Type and Effect Analysis of Security Protocols Andrew Gordon (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
15:00—15:30Coffee break
Invited Session on Security (Cont'd) (Chair: D. Schmidt)
15:30—16:15 Abstracting Cryptographic Protocols by Prolog Rules Bruno Blanchet (Inria)
16:15—17:00 Security-typed languages Andrew Myers (Cornell University)
Academic Static Analysis Prototype Demos (Chair: L. Mauborgne)
17:00—17:25 LOOP, a localised analyser for object-oriented programs Fausto Spoto
17:25—17:40 pi-s.a. III: A pi-Calculus Static Analyzer Jerôme Feret
17:40—18:05 A slicing-based tool for identifying duplicated code in C programs Raghavan Komondoor
18:05—18:30 A new model-checker for real-time systems based on BDD-like data-structures Farn Wang
18:30—18:40 Abstract interpretation of probabilistic programs David Monniaux