Installation des polices Euro d'Adobe avec OzTeX / Adobe Euro fonts installation with OzTeX :

Prof. Patrick COUSOT
Most fonts that are currently in use don't include the character for the Euro, the European Community currency, which is in use since January 1999.

Use Henrik Theiling package on CTAN if you want to use fonts in METAFONT source format.

Adobe proposes free Macintosh screen and PostScript Euro Fonts which can be used with all fonts and encodings in LaTeX. The roman, typewriter and sans serif families include regular, oblique, bold, and bold-oblique weights.

To install Euro fonts for OzTeX by Andrew Trevorrow on the Macintosh together with a PSNFSS euro.sty style file, get Euro.sea.Hqx (145K) for OzTeX 3.1.5, euro.sea.hqx (150 K) for OzTeX 4.0 and follow the instructions for quick installation.

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