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X11 project fonts

When the X11 windowing system project was developed at MIT, several font vendors donated fonts for the postscript rasterizer donated to the project by Adobe. The most interesting fonts are Adobe Utopia and Bitstream Charter. The metrics at CTAN are not good enough, thus I have created my own metrics for Utopia and Charter BT.

Other fonts

Lars Bergquist has created a great looking family called Beryll that you can download from his company site Timberwolf Type. You should visit, he has great text fonts not found anywhere else. He has kindly provided me with the AFM files for the Beryll family and I have created a set of TeX metrics.

What about the Microsoft Core Fonts? There are the 8r metrics for the not sooo common fonts, and the LY1 metrics. Unfortunately the latter are only tfms (I haven't got around to create the font description files). If you need 8r metrics for Times New Roman, Arial and Courier, you can adapt the ones in CTAN:fonts/psfonts/monotype/.

No more yet, but keep you eyes peeled.

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