chien-chung huang

Chien-Chung Huang

Départment d'informatique
École Normale Sup√©rieure
45, rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris, France

something of myself: I joined ENS Ulm as CNRS researcher in the autumn of 2016. I obtained my habilitation in 2018. Before coming here, I worked at Chalmers tekniska högskola in Sweden as assistant professor; before that, I was post-doc at Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik and at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in Deutschland.

I obtained my Ph.D. at Dartmouth College in the summer of 2008. Peter Winkler has been so kind to agree to be my Doktorvater.

contact: email address is cc then huang then at the server.

TALGO is the group that I work in.
research: I work in the area of algorithms.

My papers are here.

teaching: this semester I teach

Algorithmes d'approximation et algorithmique moléculaire (M2), avec Nicholas Schabanel.

Optimisation combinatoire (M1).


Fidaa Abed, Ph.D. 2015,
Sebastian Ott, Ph.D. 2016,
Pedro Matias, Master 2015,
Mathieu Mari, Ph.D. 2020,
Xavier Poulot-Cazajous (in progress)