NetVLAD: CNN architecture for weakly supervised place recognition

CNN architecture with the NetVLAD layer

Our trained NetVLAD descriptor correctly recognizes the location (b) of the query photograph (a) despite the large amount of clutter (people, cars), changes in viewpoint and completely different illumination (night vs daytime).



We tackle the problem of large scale visual place recognition, where the task is to quickly and accurately recognize the location of a given query photograph. We present the following three principal contributions. First, we develop a convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture that is trainable in an end-to-end manner directly for the place recognition task. The main component of this architecture, NetVLAD, is a new generalized VLAD layer, inspired by the ``Vector of Locally Aggregated Descriptors" image representation commonly used in image retrieval. The layer is readily pluggable into any CNN architecture and amenable to training via backpropagation. Second, we develop a training procedure, based on a new weakly supervised ranking loss, to learn parameters of the architecture in an end-to-end manner from images depicting the same places over time downloaded from Google Street View Time Machine. Finally, we show that the proposed architecture significantly outperforms non-learnt image representations and off-the-shelf CNN descriptors on two challenging place recognition benchmarks, and improves over current state-of-the-art compact image representations on standard image retrieval benchmarks.


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Offline demo

Place recognition results for all queries in the 24/7 Tokyo dataset.



Trained Models (02 May 2016)

Base Network +
Pooling Method
Off-the-shelf on Pitts30k Off-the-shelf on TokyoTM Trained on Pitts30k Trained on Pitts250k Trained on TokyoTM
VGG-16 + NetVLAD + whitening (530 MB) download download download download
VGG-16 + NetVLAD (53 MB) download download download download
VGG-16 + Max (53 MB) download download download
AlexNet + NetVLAD + whitening (250 MB) download download
AlexNet + NetVLAD (10 MB) download download download download
AlexNet + Max (10 MB) download download download download

Additional data



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