I am a professor at XLIM, University of Limoges and the responsible of the Master 2 Maths CRYPTIS. I am also an associated member of the CryptoTeam at Ecole Normale Supérieure and a distinguished associate member at VIASM.

I obtained a Ph.D degree in Computer Science at Ecole Normale Supérieure, under the supervision of David Pointcheval, then spent 15 months as postdoctoral researcher at University College London and 9 months as a research engineer at France Telecom R&D. From 2007 to 2015, I was an assistant professor at LAGA, University of Paris 8-13.

My research is focused on cryptography, in particular on provable security for cryptographic schemes including Public-key encryption, Digital Signature, Broadcast Encryption, Traitor Tracing, Functional Encryption and Decentralized Cryptosystem.

I will/have been in the program committees of IACR ASIACRYPT 2019, ACISP 2019, Journée Codage & Cryptographie '18 , ACISP '18 , ISC '17 , AFRICACRYPT '16, IACR ASIACRYPT '14 , IACR PKC '10, IACR EUROCRYPT '09, ISC '09, ProvSec '07, WISA '07, Vietcrypt '06, InsCrypt '06, CISC '05. I'm a member of ASIACRYPT's Steering Committee since 2013 and a member of IACR BoD 2015-2016 , as a General co-Chair for ASIACRYPT '16 in Hanoi, Vietnam. I participate in the CNRS LIA ForMath Vietnam as a member of the scientific committee.

Events: ASIACRYPT '16 and CRYPTO SCHOOL in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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