CNRS researcher at the Computer Science Department of ENS (DI ENS), Université PSL, I am interested in various aspects of machine learning, statistics and signal processing. In the deep past (1990s), I started in the domain of speech and audio processing. More recently (2000s), I contributed to Bayesian methods, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and to some applications in natural language processing. Most of my recent works (2010s) are related to online learning and multi-armed bandit models.

I am affiliated to the Centre Sciences des Données (CSD) at ENS. I am also adjunct professor at Université PSL, where I am in charge, with Benjamin Negrevergne, of the second year (M2) of the master program IASD.


  • (May 2020) In response to the Covid-19 crisis, I participated to a scientific initiative coordinated by Jamal Atif which produced two notes that may be found here.