CNRS researcher at the Computer Science Department of ENS (DI ENS), Université PSL.

I am interested in various aspects of machine learning, statistics and signal processing. In the deep past (1990s), I started in the domain of speech and audio processing. More recently (2000s), I contributed to Bayesian methods, Markov Chain Monte Carlo and to some applications in natural language processing. Most of my recent works (2010s) are related to online learning and multi-armed bandit models.

I am affiliated to the newly created Centre Sciences des Données (CSD) at ENS. I am also adjunct professor at Université PSL, where I am in charge, with Benjamin Negrevergne, of the second year (M2) of the master program IASD.


(August 2023) Registrations for the M2 IASD program are now closed, see you at the kickoff meeting on september 18, 2023 at Paris-Santé Campus.

(March 2023) Interested by an internship (master level) and possibly a Phd thesis on differential privacy and health applications, check out these offers: