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Hi, my name is Josselin GIET [ʒɔslɛ̃]. I’m a PhD student in the Antique Team at École normale supérieure & Inria Paris under the supervision of Xavier Rival.

I’m working on the verification of dynamic data-structures in operating systems with separation logic & abstract interpretation.

\[ \gamma\left( * \begin{array}{l} \texttt{x}\cdot{}\textbf{tree}\ *\!\!\!\!={(S_l\boxdot S_r)}\!\!=\!\!= \texttt{y}\cdot{}\textbf{tree} \\ \texttt{y}\cdot{}\textbf{tree}(S_0) \\ \end{array} \right) ⊆ γ\left( \texttt{x}\cdot \textbf{tree}(S_l\cdot S_0 \cdot S_r) \right) \]


Adresse mél

(fun first last domain tld -> first^"."^last^"@"^domain^"."^tld)
  "josselin" "giet" "ens" "fr"


Adresse postale

DI - Ecole Normale Supérieure

45, rue d’Ulm

75230 Paris Cedex 05 - France

Bureau: 2nd floor, « escalier de la direction », see the maps