ScatNet implements scattering transforms for audio and image signal analysis. It is available as a MATLAB software under APACHE License.

Stable Snapshot

Updated version of Scatnet:

v0.2, 14 november 2013, commit

Previous version of ScatNet:

v0.1, 2 july 2013, commit 15b36c705f


This is a development version with no support, documentation or tutorial.


The ScatNet toolbox contains an interface to LIBSVM, which has to be downloaded and installed for the interface to work. To speed up SVM training and reduce memory usage, the libsvm-compact version of LIBSVM is available. If detected, it will be used automatically by the ScatNet SVM interface.

The code for the Selesnick wavelet filters was written by Shihua Cai, Keyong Li, and Ivan Selesnick. It has been included in ScatNet with their permission. The standalone package, which includes more functions and additional documentation, can be found here.