Valda (Value from Data)

Valda is a joint research team between Inria Paris, École normale supérieure, and CNRS, within the Computer science department of École normale supérieure (DI/ENS, UMR 8548), which was created in the fall of 2016. The Valda team's focus is on both foundational and systems aspects of complex data management, especially human-centric data.


Permanent researchers

Team administrative assistant

  • Miriem Henni (Inria)

Visiting professor (Inria international chair)

Temporary research and teaching staff

PhD candidates


External collaborators


  • Miyoung Han (former PhD candidate, PhD defended in 2018)
  • Louis Jachiet (former temporary research and teaching staff, 2017–2018)
  • David Montoya (former PhD candidate, PhD defended in 2017)
  • Su Yang (former PhD candidate)


The publications of the team are available on HAL.

Valda seminar

The Valda seminar is held every few weeks at ENS (45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris), usually on Friday mornings. See the seminar calendar (iCal).
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