Département d'informatique
École normale supérieure
45 rue d'Ulm
F-75230 Paris Cedex 05

Access to DI

Go to 45, rue d'Ulm:

Map of access to ENS

Within ENS:

Plan of DI within ENS

The computer science department is spread over several locations within the 45, rue d'Ulm site and also in an Inria building avenue d'Italie:

The Rataud wing

Blue corridor - ground floor

  • Head of the department (office B 12)
  • Administration
  • Computer Service (SPI)

Salmon corridor - 1st basement floor: S 1 to S 18 and rooms S and T

  • Administration
  • Crypto team
  • Parkas team

Red corridor - 2nd basement floor:

  • Lecture rooms: R, U/V, and Henri Cartan
  • SPI

Main building, Direction staircase

2nd floor, left

  • Antique team

Main building, Staircase A

3rd floor - "Les hauts du DI"

  • Talgo - Theory, Algorithms, topoLogy, Graphs, and Optimization
  • Data - Signal Processing and Classification
  • Valda - Value from Data

Library building ("Nouvel Immeuble Rataud")

  • Ground floor (called PH): library of mathematics and computer science
  • PB floor: Amphitheater Galois (=Amphi Rataud)
  • -1 floor: computer rooms INFO 3 and INFO 4

Inria building, avenue d'Italie (Access map)

  • Dyogene team
  • Willow team
  • Sierra team

List of hotels within walking distance of the ENS

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