Mélissa Rossi Dabi

Phone: +331 41 30 47 03
Address: DI - Ecole Normale Supérieure, 45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris, France

I am a PhD student working in ENS Paris crypto team with an industrial grant from Thales. I'm studying post-quantum cryptography and cryptanalysis under the supervision of prof. Michel Abdalla (ENS) and prof. Henri Gilbert (ANSSI). For now, I mainly focus on lattice based cryptography. With this wide topic, I am glad to be also guided by Thomas Prest, Guénaël Renault and Sonia Belaïd.


A side channel assisted cryptanalytic attack against QcBits.

Mélissa Rossi, Mike Hamburg, Michael Hutter, Mark E. Marson.
In the proceedings of CHES 2017, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 10529 [eprint] [pdf]
Conference Talks

A side channel assisted cryptanalytic attack against QcBits.

CHES, 2017 September 26th, Taipei, Taiwan [slides] [video]

Cryptographie post-quantique (in French)

France culture radio, La méthode scientifique - La recherche montre en main, 2017 Oct 25th

If you are French and you would like to understand what post-quantum crypto means, this 4 minutes summary introduces it.

Cryptanalyse par canaux auxiliaires (in French)

Best internship ceremony of the Foundation Mines-Telecom in Paris, 2017 May 27th [video]

This is a short French presentation of an internship I undertook in Thales.

Quantum geographic location

My advisors are in different locations in Paris. As a consequence, I am lucky to be working in a quantum superposition of several offices. This chart represents the location measurements of the last six months.

Curriculum Vitae

Before the PhD, I had the chance to work for Rambus Cryptography Research in San Francisco. And before that, I studied in Telecom Paristech engineering school and made a double degree with the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science where I interned with Thales crypto team. For other professional things, here is my LinkedIn.


I have been very fortunate to recieve recognition through scholarships and awards over the past few years. I am particularly thankful to my engineering school Telecom Paristech and its foundation Mines-Telecom. I also thank CHES Challenge 2016 organizers for offering me the chance to play with state of the art cryptanalysis hardware.

Personal things you might like to know

Aside from crypto, I like mathematics, computer science and coding in general. I'm interested in finding ways to make it accessible for all, particularly children. I invite you to have a look to the OLPC association or to try out Scratch, a pedagogical gold mine. I also try my best to struggle against gender inequality in scientific research.
I amateurly enjoy other areas like quantum physics, ecology, anthropology, biology or history of science. During my spare time, I act in a musical theater company and I sing in a world music choir.