Rémi Leblond

Ph.D. Candidate
Laboratoire d'informatique de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure

I'm a second year Ph.D. student at INRIA in the Sierra team under the supervision of Simon Lacoste-Julien. I'm interested in very large scale optimization for new complex machine learning models. My current focus is on parallel and distributed algorithms and structured prediction using neural networks.

After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique and Corps des Mines (French MPA), I worked in the Big Data field for three years, as a Data Scientist at SpotRight in the US (2011-2012) and as a Data Engineer at the Ministry of Defense (2013-2015).


Machine learning and optimization

Asaga: Asynchronous parallel Saga.
Rémi Leblond, Fabian Pedregosa and Simon Lacoste-Julien.
Arxiv, 2016

Probabilistic processes on graphs

Cutoff phenomenon for the simple exclusion process on the complete graph.
Hubert Lacoin, Rémi Leblond.
ALEA: Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, 2011


Rémi Leblond
INRIA Paris, Office C408
2 Rue Simone Iff
75012 Paris
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