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Paris Airports

Paris has two airports, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, 30 km North of Paris and Orly, 20 km south of Paris.

Métro, RER and buses within Paris

The interconnected RATP Métro and RER offer a convenient and secure way to get around Paris. Each trip (with unlimited transfers) costs one ticket (€1.40 when bought individually, a carnet of 10 tickets costs €10.50). These tickets are also valid on the RER within Paris (but the RER to the suburbs costs more). They can also be used in buses, one ticket per bus travel. Tickets can be bought from ticket booths or machines.

You can also get a one day ticket called "Mobilis" for €5.30 (does not include airports).

With an id photograph, you can get a week ticket for €15.40 within Paris, if you come from Roissy airport with the subway and plan to take the subway often, it might be interesting to directly get a 1-5 zone week ticket for €30.20.

There are also special tickets for tourists.

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