ACNS '09 - June 2-5, 2009

Paris-Rocquencourt, France



ACNS '09 is organized by INRIA, CNRS and ENS, in France, in cooperation with the International Association for Cryptologic Research.

List of accepted papers

  1. Novel Precomputation Schemes for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
            Patrick Longa, and Catherine Gebotys
                   (University of Waterloo, Canada)
  2. Algorithmic Tamper Proof (ATP) Counter Units for Authentication Devices using PIN
            Yuichi Komano, Kazuo Ohta, Hideyuki Miyake, and Atsushi Shimbo
                   (Toshiba Corporation and The University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
  3. An Efficient Identity-Based Online/Offline Encryption Scheme
            Joseph K. Liu and Jianying Zhou
                   (I2R, Singapore)
  4. A New Variant of the Cramer-Shoup KEM Secure against Chosen Ciphertext Attack
            Joonsang Baek, Willy Susilo, Joseph K. Liu, and Jianying Zhou
                   (I2R, Singapore and University of Wollongong, Australia)
  5. Broadcast Attacks against Lattice-based Cryptosystems
            Thomas Plantard and Willy Susilo
                   (University Of Wollongong, Australia)
  6. Practical Secure Evaluation of Semi-Private Functions
            Annika Paus, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, and Thomas Schneider
                   (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)
  7. Dual-Policy Attribute Based Encryption
            Nuttapong Attrapadung and Hideki Imai
                   (RCIS (AIST), Japan)
  8. Group Key Exchange Enabling On-Demand Derivation of Peer-to-Peer Keys
            Mark Manulis
                   (UCL Crypto Group, Belgium)
  9. Construction of Threshold Public-Key Encryptions through Tag-Based Encryptions
            Seiko Arita and Koji Tsurudome
                   (Institute of Information Security, Japan)
  10. Fast Packet Classification using Condition Factorization
            Alok Tongaonkar, R. Sekar, and Sreenaath Vasudevan
                   (Stony Brook University, NY, USA)
  11. Cryptanalysis of Twister
            Florian Mendel, Christian Rechberger, and Martin Schläffer
                   (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
  12. Efficient Deniable Authentication for Standard Signatures
            Jean Monnerat, Sylvain Pasini, and Serge Vaudenay
                   (SwissSign and EPFL, Switzerland)
  13. Fragility of the Robust Security Network: 802.11 Denial of Service
            Martin Eian
                   (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  14. Integrity Protection for Revision Control
            Christian Cachin and Martin Geisler
                   (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory and University of Aarhus)
  15. Session-state Reveal is stronger than Ephemeral Key Reveal: Attacking the NAXOS Authenticated Key Exchange protocol
            Cas J.F. Cremers
                   (ETH Zurich)
  16. A New Message Recognition Protocol With Self-Recoverability For Ad Hoc Pervasive Networks
            Ian Goldberg, Atefeh Mashatan, and Douglas R. Stinson
                   (University of Waterloo, Canada)
  17. Malyzer: Defeating Anti-detection for Application-level Malware Analysis
            Lei Liu and Songqing Chen
                   (George Mason University)
  18. Choosing NTRU Parameters in Light of Combined Lattice
            P. Hirschhorn, J. Hoffstein, N. Howgrave-Graham, and W. Whyte
                   (NTRU Cryptosystems and Brown University)
  19. How to Extract and Expand Randomness: A Summary and Explanation of Existing Results
            Yvonne Cliff, Colin Boyd, and Juan Gonzalez Nieto
                   (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
  20. Homomorphic MACs: MAC-based Integrity for Network Coding
            Shweta Agrawal and Dan Boneh
                   (University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University)
  21. Partial Key Exposure Attack on CRT-RSA
            Santanu Sarkar and Subhamoy Maitra
                   (Indian Statistical Institute)
  22. Efficient Robust Private Set Intersection
            Dana Dachman-Soled, Tal Malkin, Mariana Raykova, and Moti Yung
                   (Columbia University and Google Inc.)
  23. Secure Pairing of "Interface-Constrained" Devices Resistant Against Rushing User Behavior
            Nitesh Saxena and Md. Borhan Uddin
                   (Polytechnic Institute of New York University)
  24. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Mutual Information Based Side Channel Analysis
            Emmanuel Prouff and Matthieu Rivain
                   (Oberthur Technologies and University of Luxembourg)
  25. Secure Hamming Distance based Computation and its Applications
            Ayman Jarrous and Benny Pinkas
                   (University of Haifa)
  26. Performance Measurements of Tor Hidden Services in Low-Bandwidth Access Networks
            Jörg Lenhard, Karsten Loesing, and Guido Wirtz
                   (University of Bamberg, Germany)
  27. Attacking ECDSA-Enabled RFID Devices
            Michael Hutter, Marcel Medwed, Daniel Hein, and Johannes Wolkerstorfer
                   (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
  28. Cryptanalysis of CubeHash
            Eric Brier and Thomas Peyrin
                   (Ingenico, France)
  29. Breaking Two k-resilient Traitor Tracing Schemes with Sublinear Ciphertext Size
            MoonShik Lee, Daegun Ma, and MinJae Seo
                   (Seoul National University, South Korea)
  30. Collision attack on Boole
            Florian Mendel, Tomislav Nad, and Martin Schläffer
                   (Graz University of Technology, Austria)
  31. How to Compare Profiled Side-Channel Attacks?
            F.-X. Standaert, F. Koeune, and W. Schindler
                   (UCL Crypto Group and BSI)
  32. Tracing and Revoking Pirate Rebroadcasts
            Aggelos Kiayias and Serdar Pehlivanoglu
                   (Univ. of Connecticut)