Numerical code

    For numerical results appearing in my published work, I try to make the code available here. I generally use Matlab and R. There's the standard "There could be life-threatening errors in the code and you've been warned!" declaration. If you do find an error, I would appreciate an email.

k-coverage probability in a single tier cellular network:

    I wrote some Matlab and R code to calculate k-coverage probability of a cellular network in the downlink channel. This code is based on a model developed for an ISIT paper, which we later extended to the multi-tier case in this paper with more detailed calculations. The R and the Matlab code should do effectivly the same things. For very small SINR threshold values (less than -12 dB), the respective numerical integration methods will break down. The integration method in R generally performs better than the Matlab one in this sitatution.

Equivalent Poisson networks:

    This Matlab code compares a two-tier network and a single-tier network by plotting the densities of their "equivalent networks". This code is based on a short paper which demonstrated that different Poisson networks can be considered equivalent or different Poisson networks can be compared with their "equivalent forms".

Selected talks

    Signal-to-interference ratio in wireless communication networks, PDF, Dynamical networks and network dynamics, Edinburgh, 2016.
    When do wireless network signals appear Poisson?, PDF, 18th Workshop on Stochastic Geometry, Stereology and Image Analysis, Lingen, 2015.
    Large-deviation theory and coverage in mobile phone networks, PDF, University of Melbourne, 2015.
And a mathematical talk without mathematics:
    A random walk through the history of random terms, PDF, Weierstrass Institute, 2015.

Wikipedia articles

    The evolution of Wikipedia, particularly mathematical articles, has slowed down to a glacial pace. It's well reported that Wikipedia, despite its exceptional start, has run out of steam in recent years due to difficulty in recruiting new blood.

    Despite fitting somewhat the stereotypical Wikipedian mould, I make small contributions by creating or re-writing articles on topics that are mostly familiar to me. I don't have the time or the energy to learn the Wiki markup language known as wikicode (one of the barriers of entry) and its complicated citation procedure, so I decided to write the articles in an inefficient way. First I write an article in LaTeX, then I convert the code into wikicode using one of the translation tools or programs on the web, and finally I scan the resulting article for any glaring mistakes. Then I let the Wikipedians and readers do the rest.

    If there are any errors in the Wikipedia articles I have contributed, please correct them. If there are errors, except for minor typos, in the technical reports, please email me. When writing these articles I am often also learning new material, so it's very possible I've misunderstood concepts and made blunders along the way.

Technical Reports