Julia Hesse

Postdoc at ENS Paris, CNRS, INRIA

Crypto Team
Computer Science Department
Ecole Normale Supérieure
45, rue d'Ulm
75230 Paris Cedex 05 - France

julia hesse(at)ens fr
I'm interested in cryptography, algebra and everything in between and around these topics. My research focuses on provably secure public key cryptography and multilinear maps. Before becoming a Postdoc at ENS Paris, I was a PhD student at KIT under the supervision of Dennis Hofheinz. I studied mathematics at KIT.



Julia Hesse, Dennis Hofheinz, Andy Rupp: Reconfigurable Cryptography: A flexible approach to long-term security TCC 2016-A (Full Version)


Gottfried Herold, Julia Hesse, Dennis Hofheinz, Carla Ràfols, Andy Rupp: Polynomial Spaces: A New Framework for Composite-to-Prime-Order Transformations. CRYPTO 2014 (Full Version) (Slides)

Eduarda S. V. Freire, Julia Hesse, Dennis Hofheinz: Universally Composable Non-Interactive Key Exchange. SCN 2014 (Full Version) (Slides)


An Introduction to UC (10/2017, TU Darmstadt) Slides

Teaching (in german)

Vorlesung Ausgewählte Kapitel der Kryptographie (2014, KIT)
Seminar Fortgeschrittene Verschlüsselungstechniken (2013, KIT)
Seminar Digitale Signaturen (2013, KIT)
Seminar Die Logik der Sicherheit (2012, KIT)


The different stages of my career are best described using the intellectual property of others. Studying was sometimes hard, working afterwards threatening, and academia can be pretty simple. Personally, I have too many hobbies to be described here. Anywho, it all comes down to this (I would add friends, though).