Rodolphe Jenatton

Software engineer/Data scientist at Criteo.

E-mail: jenatton [at] cmap [dot] polytechnique [dot] fr / rodolphe [dot] jenatton [at] inria [dot] fr

In November 2011, I finished my Ph.D which I conducted within the Sierra Team, which belongs to the LIENS and the Département d'Informatique of École Normale Supérieure. It was funded by INRIA. I had the chance to be co-supervised by Francis Bach and Jean-Yves Audibert. I was then a postdoctoral researcher with Alexandre d'Aspremont within the CMAP located at Ecole Polytechnique. Since January 2013, I have joined Criteo.

Research interests:

My research interests revolve around machine learning, statistics, (convex) optimization, (structured) sparsity and their applications to image and text processing. I am also interested in dictionary learning and various unsupervised models based on latent factor representations.

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