Sira Ferradans

Post-doc at Data group, of the ENS Paris.


Geometry-based Demosaicking

Sira Ferradans, Marcelo Bertalmío, and Vicent Caselles.

Abstract.- Demosaicking is a particular case of interpolation problem where, from a scalar image in which each pixel has either the red, the green or the blue component, we want to interpolate the full-color image. State of the art demosaicking algorithms perform interpolation along edges, but these edges are estimated locally. We propose a level-set based geometric method to estimate image edges, inspired by the image inpainting literature. This method has a time complexity of O(S), where S is the number of pixels in the image, and compares favorably with the state of the art algorithms both visually and in most relevant image quality measures.

C code , pdf and Results for the Kodak database