Sira Ferradans

Post-doc at Data group, of the ENS Paris.



More results and code can be found here:

  • Dynamic HDR image creation


Papers in refereed journals

S. Ferradans, Nicolas Papadakis, G. Peyré and J-F Aujol. Discrete Regularized Optimal Transport Accepted in SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (SIIMS). code

G-S. Xia, S. Ferradans, G. Peyré and J-F Aujol.Synthesizing and Mixing Stationary Gaussian Texture Models. Pubilshed in SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (SIIMS), December 20143.
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padans, G. PeyrMs-oby adortalm&iand J-o, ancnGeotp-siab a teckingilshIEEEort09. vttp18, 3. pg. 665-670. (Impacm facmor: 2.848)3>Pape'UA-336230%">/ENScking4ib623>. P, 'UA-336230%">/ENSdking odf"> odf>. P,="http://www.di.ieeexpnsfe.ieees/130xpn/atingleDp-ein p?tp=&arnu143.=477> I3&Text"> ieeexpnsfer Pape>Papers nce in Comp%">/ENbr> S. Ferradans, Nicol ing S.adorltalmioef=i>l at Asiar Transfer and applicaAions (more l>ilsha>) ig">A,ore on Col. here
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G-S. Xiadans, Nicolas .kis, G. PeyrJ. Rabin,ré and J-F Aujol..
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