I am PhD candidate at INRIA, SIERRA co-advised by Francis Bach and Patrick Perez.

In 2013, I graduated the Master MVA (machine learning and computer vision) at ENS Cachan and obtained the engineering degree of École des Ponts ParisTech.

My resume.

Research Interests


Learning Determinantal Point Processes in Sublinear Time
Christophe Dupuy and Francis Bach,
Under review for AISTATS 2017.

Online but Accurate Inference for Latent Variable Models with Local Gibbs Sampling
Christophe Dupuy and Francis Bach,
Under review for JMLR.

Decentralized Topic Modelling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Igor Colin and Christophe Dupuy,
In NIPS 2016, Workshop on Private Multi‑Party Machine Learning.

Qualitative and Descriptive Topic Extraction from Movie Reviews Using LDA
Christophe Dupuy, Francis Bach and Christophe Diot,
In NIPS 2014, Personalization Workshop.

Exploiting crowd sourced reviews to explain movie recommendation
Sara El Aouad, Christophe Dupuy, Renata Teixeira, Christophe Diot and Francis Bach,
In RecSys 2015, 2nd Workshop on Recommendation Systems for TELEVISION and ONLINE VIDEO.