Research topics

  • Formally defined high-level languages for embedded systems
    • design, semantics and implementation of programming languages
    • synchronous data-flow concurrency
    • address new applications: computationally intensive, large-scale simulation, mix of continuous/discrete time
  • Efficient compilation for Modern architectures
    • internal and formally defined representations of optimizing compilers (e.g., polyhedral compilation algorithms)
    • generate provably correct and efficient code from synchronous designs
    • target modern shared-memory parallel processors (e.g., multi/many cores, tiled processors arrays, GPUs)

PhD Students
  • Ivan Llopard (CEA Leti)
Master Students and Interns
  • François Gindraud
  • Anirudh Kumar
  • Pankaj More
  • Pankaj Prateek
  • Vincent Thiberville

Past members
  • 2013
    Cédric Auger (PhD)
    Guillaume Chelfi (Master)
    Léonard Gérard (PhD)
    Louis Jachiet (Master)
    Antoniu Pop (Post-doc)
    Ramakrishna Upadrasta (PhD)
  • 2012
    Mehdi Dogguy (Post-doc)
    Pablo Rauzy (Master)
    Cyprien Lecourt (Master)
    Cupertino Miranda (PhD)
    Boris Arnoux (Master)
  • 2011
    Brice Gelineau, (Master)
    Sean Halle, (PhD)
    Konrad Trifunovic, (PhD)
  • 2010
    Florence Plateau, (Postdoc)
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