Scientific Board (Conseil Scientifique) of DI - CSDI

CSDI Members

CSDI External members:

  • Gérard BERRY (Pr. Collège de France, INRIA, France) – CSDI Chair
  • Andrew BLAKE (Managing Dir. Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK)
  • Herbert EDELSBRUNNER (Pr. Institute of Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria)
  • Frank KELLY (Pr. Cambridge, UK)
  • Bernhard SCHOELKOPF (Pr. MPI Tübingen, Germany)
  • Adi SHAMIR (Pr., Weizmann Institute, Israel - Turing Award 2002)
  • Joseph SIFAKIS (DR CNRS, Verimag Grenoble, France - Turing Award 2007)
  • Emo WELZL (Pr. ETH Zürich,Switzerland)
  • Andrew Chi-Chih YAO (Pr. Tsinghua University, Beijing China - Turing Award 2000)

CSDI Institutional members:

  • Philippe BAPTISTE (Dir. INS2I at CNRS)
  • Monique CANTO SPERBER (Dir. ENS)
  • Yves GULDNER (Dir. ENS, Science)
  • Isabelle RYL (Dir. INRIA, Paris-Rocquencourt)
  • Jean VUILLEMIN (Dir. DI)

Agenda for May 2011 CSDI meeting

May 11: ENS, salle Henri Cartan

May 12: ENS, amphi Rataud

CSDI Charter

  1. Rate DI research projects on your own world-class scale, and explain why.
  2. Advise research projects on where to aim next, and which links are missing.
  3. Advise DI on perceived current weaknesses, and how to correct them.
  4. Advice on DI’s future: which research to nurture, cull, create.
  5. Relations between teaching and research. 

The CSDI delivers its oral report on May 12, 15h-16h.

After the meeting, each CSDI member provides written advice of his choice. The CSDI chair collates all into CSDI advices, to be web-delivered by May 28.
Webmaster: webdi[@]di[.]ens[.]fr.