Page personnelle de Claire Mathieu

Depuis mai 2012, directrice de recherche au CNRS dans l'équipe Talgo.
Depuis septembre 2014, également professeur attaché à l'ENS.

Pour me joindre

  • Email : cmathieu[@]di[.]ens[.]fr
  • Téléphone : +33 1 44 32 33 28
  • Fax : +33 1 44 32 20 75

Ma page à Brown (qui n'est plus maintenue):

Brief Bio
Claire Mathieu works on algorithms, particularly the design of approximation schemes for NP-hard problems from combinatorial optimization. She is employed by CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) at ENS (Ecole normale Superieure) in Paris, France. She is also a "professeur associé" at ENS. Her current interests include approximation algorithms for planar graphs and for Euclidean problems; probabilistic models for social networks; hierarchies of semi-definite programming relaxations; network tomography; scheduling to minimize energy; online algorithms; and occasional forays into algorithmic game theory.

I started a Coursera MOOC on Approximation Algorithms! link
Make nominations for the Presburger award! Let's have lots of great nominations again this year ! link

Claire Mathieu was a recipient of the IBM Young Researcher award, a junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France, and her paper "On the Sum-of-Squares Algorithm for Bin Packing" received the INFORMS 2007 ICS prize.

Most of them can be found at DBLP. Upcoming: ACM SIAM Soda 2016, "Distance in the Forest Fire Model. 
How far are you from Eve?" (Varun Kanade, Reut Levi, Zvi Lotker, Frederik Mallmann-Trenn, Claire Mathieu)
. In preparation: Bigtable Merge Compaction (Claire Mathieu, Carl Staelin, Neal Young, Arman Yousefi), "Fairness in carpooling in social networks" (Amos Fiat, Anna Karlin, Elias Koutsoupias, Claire Mathieu, Rotem Zach).

See Algorithmique et programmation (ENS).
I am also currently preparing a MOOC on Approximation Algorithms, to appear on Coursera in December 2015.

PhD students
Frederik Mallmann-Trenn, co-encadré avec Petra Berenbrink, 2015-présent.
Victor Verdugo, co-encadré avec Jose Correa, 2014-présent.
Vincent Cohen-Addad, co-encadré avec Zhentao Li, 2013-présent.

Former PhD? students
Hang Zhou, postdoc at MPI.
David Eisenstat, Google.
Warren Schudy, Google.
Aparna Das, Le Moyne College.
Jérémy Barbay, University of Chile.
Nicolas Schabanel, DR CNRS.

Current responsibilities, administration, etc.
Responsible for the Computer Science curriculum at ENS, editor for SiComp? , PC member of IEEE FOCS 2015, editor of the interviews of the Binaire blog of the SIF hosted by "Le Monde", head of the Presburger award committee, member of the IHP "Conseil Scientifique", co-organizer of the Dagstuhl 2016 workshop "Algorithms for optimization problems on planar graphs", co-organizer of the 2016 Paris conference "Highlights of Algorithms", etc. It never ends.

Miscellaneous :
Visite à l'université de Bir Zeit en Palestine.

What I like and don't like to do
I like to give talks. If you invite me, I will try to say yes.
I like to do collaborative research with people who are in the same room as me.
I love doing research with students.
I don't like to travel, except to Israel or Québec.
I don't like evaluating people's work and will probably say no to sitting on committees of various kinds.
I currently do not take interns, because of lack of time.
I hate writing grant proposals.
I am indifferent to money and cannot be convinced to do something for monetary reasons.
I am easily flattered and enjoy meeting "important" people although that may get old with time.
I cannot bring myself to do even the simplest secretarial tasks - I am the admin's nightmare.
I am 5 minutes late for everything, always with a good reason.
My model for surviving as a researcher in the French system is Philippe Flajolet.
Webmaster: webdi[@]di[.]ens[.]fr.